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Log in to The Circle, Sigma's professional networking site.  

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What do I do in The Circle?  

The Circle was developed to connect members with each other, their chapters, regions, headquarters and with the benefits and services of membership. Features of The Circle include member profiles you can personalize according to your preferences and event notifications. You can find other members via the member directory, network with those who share the same specialty and stay active with your chapter through new chapter websites.  

Who is in The Circle?
All active Sigma members have been added to The Circle. Once logged in, members will determine what information they would like to share and whom they would like to share it with.

How do I log in?
If you are a Sigma member, all you will need is your email address and seven-digit member number. 

How can I get started?
Watch a brief tutorial on the Frequently Asked Questions page to get started today! Chapter leaders can receive training for their chapter websites in the All Chapter Officers workgroup in The Circle.

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