How to Submit an Application

Applications are due by 15 February and 15 June each year. 

  • Electronic Submission
    • Please save/convert all documents to a PDF format.
    • Send one copy of the History.
    • Please combine similar documents into one file/document.
    • For example:
      • The application form should be one document.
      • All appendix A items could be one document/file
      • All appendix B supplemental documents could be one document/ file
    • Please make sure all files/documents are no larger than 24 MB
    • Each document/file should be named for what it is. 
      For example:
      • Rather than "Appendix A," name it "Induction Documents"
      • Rather than "File 000123,' name it "Meeting Minutes"
      • Rather than "Image 568," name it "Research Program Flyer-8-5-10"
      • Rather than "Appendix A-1-c," name it "2009-2011 HS Bylaws"
    • Depending on file sizes, it may be necessary to attach only 3-5 documents to a single email and send via multiple emails. (NOTE: If there are too many attachments or the attachments are too large, the emails may not be accepted by our email server. It is safer to send multiple emails with fewer/smaller attachments.)
    • When sending application via email, put the following in the email subject line: Name of honor society and the email number. For example:
      • "Indiana CON application-email 2 of 5"
      • "LGBSON application-email 3 of 3"
    • Send email to the attention of the chapter development staff with which you normally consult by the Sigma due date.
      NOTE: Staff will call or email the applicant within 2 days of receiving application to confirm receipt of the application. Do not assume that the application was automatically received. If you do not hear from staff within 2-3 days sending, it is your responsibility to call and e-mail staff to ensure the application was received.