Phase 1:  Inquiry

Institutions of higher education that are interested in starting a chapter shall contact Sigma staff to inquire about the requirements, process, and timeline.

Phase 1 Tasks:

1) Review minimum requirements to become a chapter:

  • School of nursing grants a minimum of a baccalaureate or equivalent degree in nursing
  • School of nursing's programs are accredited by an appropriate accrediting agency recognized by Sigma Governance Committee
  • University administration and school of nursing officials agree to support an Sigma chapter at the university

2) Review ​"Sigma's Expectations of Chapters​." 

3) Request consultation with Sigma staff.

4) Pre-qualify to proceed by submitting the "Registration Form to begin the Developing Honor Society Process" (on right).

5) Share chapter development information with appropriate colleagues and university officials and obtain their support.

Contact Us
Staff at headquarters are available by phone or email to answer your questions about honor society and chapter development.

Submit a developing honor society consultation request form »

Telephone: 1.888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) or 1.317.634.8171 (International)