Running Effective Board of Directors and Committee Meetings


  1. Establish group norms
            a. Provide all board members with a document explain the rules of order
            b. Define the code of conduct for all board meetings
            c. Sigma utilizes Robert’s Rules of Order

  2. Use the same location for all board meeting; tables should be in a U or square shape to allow for maximum effectiveness.

  3. Meet bi-monthly and in-person – this will create better board relations and give the board time to cover important topics.

  4. Plan out the time and date for all board meetings for at least one year to allow board members the maximum amount of planning time.

  5. Use an electronic calendar function that will send meeting reminders to board members.

  6. Obtain resolutions from committees/task forces/advisory councils at least one month prior to board meeting.
            a. If background information/documentation is needed for resolution recommendation it
               should be submitted at the same time.


  1. Have a standard process for adding items to the agenda that includes a timeline and required information.

  2. Create and distribute the agenda at least two weeks in advance. 
            a. Use the same template for each meeting
            b. Include pertinent information on the top of the page: Date, Time, Location and a list
               of board members

  3. Place the most important topics at the top of the agenda to ensure sufficient time.

  4. Assign a board member to discuss each item on the agenda.

  5. Keep agendas realistic and allow time for discussion of each item (10 or more minutes for each item).

  6. Send any additional documentation/background information needed for agenda items with the meeting notice.

At the board meeting

  1. Start and end on time.

  2. Post the Sigma mission and vision and chapter strategic directions in the meeting room.

  3. Use an overhead projector, LCD projector or flip chart to display the agenda.

  4. Utilize a flip chart to document discussion and decisions.  

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