Promoting the Developing Honor Society

What Is An Honor Society?

An honor society is a group of nurses who qualify to be future members of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) and who have organized together with the intent to form a chapter of STTI.

Being inducted into an honor society signifies that one is a leader in his or her profession and has demonstrated excellence or has demonstrated the potential for excellence and leadership. Being an honor society member does not mean someone is necessarily smarter or more advanced than a nonmember; rather, the member has made accomplishments of which he or she should be proud and is, therefore, recognized as a leader within the field.

Joining an honor society signifies one’s commitment to excellence in her or his chosen profession and acknowledges the individual’s achievements – whether academic or professional – that will make an impact on others in that profession. Candidates of STTI are invited to join a family of nursing leaders around the world, gain global access to information and engage in opportunities to liaise and collaborate with nurses in other parts of the world. 

Planning Informational Meetings to Educate About Your Developing Honor Society and STTI

Honor societies should have informational meetings with nurses and students who may qualify to be members of your honor society based on the eligibility criteria as stated in the bylaws. Typically, these types of meetings continue even after the honor society becomes a chapter.

The informational meetings are a venue for introducing your honor society, promoting your activities, explain the benefits members will receive after joining. This is also an opportunity for the campus/community to meet the developing honor society's board of directors and learn about your honor society's missions and vision. Some honor societies also invite prospective members to complete a membership profile at these meetings.

Developing honor societies are not officially affiliated with STTI. Honor societies must meet specific requirements to apply to become an official STTI chapter. The formal connection begins when an honor society is approved and chartered as an official STTI chapter. While operating as a developing honor society, honor societies and members of those honor societies do not owe any fees to STTI. Members of honor societies are not members of STTI until they are inducted into the organization through an approved, official CHAPTER of STTI. This should be communicated to prospective honor society members at the informational meeting.

Informational Meetings can be executed several ways, depending on the venue and the resources the Honor Society can utilize. To see a recommended  informational meeting format, refer to Prospective Member Resources below.


Prospective Member Resources for Developing Honor Societies

Informational Meeting Flyer Samples: