Press Release Templates for Developing Honor Societies

Press release templates are designed to assist you in communicating your honor when a member is inducted or your honor society has an achievement to share with the community. Use these templates to release the information to your local broadcast and print reporters. For best results, contact the editor of the media you are submitting the press release to and ask about submission guidelines and criteria.

To access the templates, click on the appropriate name below. Once the page is open highlight all the text and hit {CTRL-C} to copy the text. Finally, open a blank document in the word processing program you are using and hit {CTRL-V} to paste the text. (All of these actions may also be completed via the Edit feature on the Toolbar for both PC and Macintosh.) The release should now appear in your word processing program as your new document and edit as necessary. Be sure to save the release in whatever format you want and print it on your school or honor society letterhead.