Phase 3: Operation as a developing honor society

The newly formed nursing honor society shall induct members and operate according to honor society bylaws for one year or more. One year is marked from the day of the developing honor society's first induction ceremony. Developing honor societies are asked to operate for more than one year so they become familiar with Sigma bylaws, guidelines, and recommended operations and so they may demonstrate sustainability to become an official chapter.

Phase 3 Tasks:

1) Plan and conduct first (and annual) inductions

2) After first induction, operate according to honor society bylaws for one year or more

3) Conduct regular board meetings to
plan events, benefits and services

4) Communicate events, benefits and
services to candidates and members

5) Maintain records of membership,
finances, events, benefits and services

6) Plan and conduct 2 or more programs
and 1 business meeting for members

7) Recruit more than 50 active (dues-paying) members

8) Build financial base to one year’s worth
of operating expenses (including sufficient funds to send required delegates to House of Delegates sessions at biennial convention pending approval)

9) Plan for future budgets, programming,
events and benefits

10) Process member renewals annually

11) Attend recommended trainings

12) Consult with staff throughout phase 3

Tools Resources

Membership Recruitment

Planning and Holding Inductions

Conducting Board Meetings

Communicating with Members


Required Annual Business Meeting

Membership Renewals




Membership Involvement

Developing Policies and Procedures

Student Central
(Student Central is a section of the Sigma website developed for students. Send this link to candidates or non-members so they can enjoy a sampling of what Sigma offers to members.) 

Planning ahead to application submission...

What to document, save and update during Phase 3
Document, save, and continually update the following in preparation for submitting your application:
(The honor society is eligible to submit chapter charter application 1-2 years after the first induction ceremony.)
  • Continue document and update all items listed in Phase 2.
  • Board meeting and planning meeting minutes
  • Induction ceremony dates
  • Numbers and list of inductee types inducted at each induction including their name and contact information
  • Sigma members who join the honor society, including name and contact information. 
    (These members are not inducted, but are recognized at induction ceremonies or at chapter chartering. If the honor society's application for chapter charter is approved, these members will be invited to transfer to the new chapter or to add the new chapter and hold dual or multiple chapter memberships.
  • Copies of member invitation communications
  • Listing of each program conducted. Document date of program, name of program, brief description, intended audience, any group that co-sponsored or co-hosted event. Event communications should be saved to submit with the application.
  • Listing of future programs planned.
  • Listing of each annual membership business meeting conducted including date, time, agenda. Flyers and communications can supplement the application.
  • Record of which members have renewed. You will be asked to submit total membership numbers since the developing honor society's first induction including active and inactive member totals.
  • Use the template of financial reports in the Finance section to document budget information. This is the same format that is used on the application.
  • Document any insurance that is purchased for the honor society or its officers. Pending approval, Sigma will require the new chapter to purchase liability insurance from Sigma's group policy.
  • Keep an annual listing of each slate of officers including contact information and length of term.
  • Keep copies of any policies and procedures that have been developed.


Contact Us
Staff at headquarters are available by phone or email to answer your questions about honor society chapter development.

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