Model 5: Practice Setting Joining an Existing Chapter to Become At-Large

When an existing chapter adds a practice setting to its existing charter, the process is called charter amendment. The process is more streamlined than chartering a brand new chapter because the STTI Board of Directors gives final approval for amending a chapter’s charter.

Groups wishing to pursue this model must follow the suggested process for establishing a collaborative relationship and then operate as a prospective at-large chapter for 6-12 months. Once the groups are able to demonstrate a collaborative history according to suggested guidelines, they may request and submit a charter amendment application.

The existing chapter’s leaders and members must approve the addition of the practice setting. A practice setting that join with existing chapters must each meet the same minimum requirements for STTI affiliation:

  • Institution of higher education grants a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or equivalent in nursing
  • School's nursing programs are accredited by an appropriate accrediting body recognized by the STTI Governance Committee
  • Obtained support from the institute of higher education and the educational unit with the nursing program for an STTI chapter

Benefits to choosing this model include:

  • Offers students and members greater access to nursing leaders in the community
  • Helps foster greater collaboration between the groups
  • Increases the visibility of STTI in the workplace
  • Promotes engagement, satisfaction, and retention of clinical nurses
  • Formalizes an already existing partnership between the two groups

Challenges to choosing this model include:

  • Higher level of communication and coordination to reach all members
  • Ability to offer diverse programing for all levels of nurses through variety of processes
  • Decrease member participation, if there is a significant distance between school and/or practice setting

Charter Amendment Process

For more information or start the process visit Charter Amendment: Adding a Practice Setting. Additional resources are available in the Chapter Information and Tools and Resources sections of the website.

Questions? Contact us!
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Chapter Amendment applications are available upon written request.