Model 3: Starting a new chapter with an institution of higher education and practice setting

In this model, an institution of higher education may partner with a practice setting to form a new at-large chapter.

In some areas or countries, one or more schools of nursing and practice settings may find it beneficial to join together to form one Sigma chapter. There is no limit to the number of schools and practice settings that can collaborate within one at-Large chapter.

Practice setting minimum requirements:

  • A practice setting is an entity where professional (registered) nursing is practiced.
  • Practice setting must be accredited by an appropriate accrediting agency recognized by the Sigma Governance Committee (such as the Joint Commission or equivalent).
  • Practice setting administration and chief nursing officer officials must agree to support a Sigma chapter at the university.

Institution of higher education minimum requirements:

  • Institution of higher education grants a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or equivalent in nursing.
  • School's nursing programs are accredited by an appropriate accrediting body recognized by the Sigma Governance Committee.
  • Obtained support from the institution of higher education and the educational unit with the nursing program for an Sigma chapter.

Benefits to choosing this model include:

  • Offers students and members greater access to nursing leaders in the community.
  • Helps foster greater collaboration between the groups.
  • Increases the visibility of Sigma in the workplace.
  • Promotes engagement, satisfaction, and retention of clinical nurses.
  • Formalizes an already existing partnership between the two groups.

Challenges to choosing this model include:

  • Higher level of communication and coordination to reach all members.
  • Ability to offer diverse programming for all levels of nurses through variety of processes.
  • Decrease member participation if there is a significant distance between school and/or practice setting.

To start a new at-large chapter with an institution of higher education and practice setting, groups shall progress through each phase of development, systematically completing all tasks outlined within each phase of development. After completion of phases 1, 2, and 3, groups pursuing chapter charter status will request and complete an at-Large Chapter Charter Application as part of the phase 4 process.