Model 4: One or More Schools of Nursing Join an Existing STTI Chapter to Become an At-Large Chapter

When an existing chapter adds a school of nursing to its existing charter, the process is called charter amendment. There is an application and review process for amending a charter. The process is somewhat faster than chartering a brand new chapter because the STTI Board of Directors gives final approval for amending a chapter’s charter. House of Delegates approval is not required.

In 2011, STTI approved a new procedure for adding additional schools of nursing to an existing chapter to form an at-large chapter. Groups wishing to join an existing chapter no longer have to form an independent honor society and operate for a full year. They may simply follow the suggested process for establishing a collaborative relationship and then operate as a prospective at-large chapter for 6-12 months. Once the groups are able to demonstrate a collaborative history according to suggested guidelines, they may request and submit a charter amendment application.

The existing chapter’s leaders and members must approve the addition of the school(s). All schools that join with existing chapters must each meet the same minimum requirements for STTI affiliation:

  • School of nursing grants a minimum of a baccalaureate or equivalent degree.
    • If the school offers a degree that is not called a baccalaureate degree but may be equivalent, send a copy of the curriculum to staff for review by the STTI Governance Committee.
  • School of nursing's programs are accredited by an appropriate accrediting agency recognized by the STTI Governance Committee.
    • In the United States, this would include NLNAC or CCNE.
    • For groups outside the United States, please contact STTI staff.
  • University administration and school of nursing officials agree to support a STTI chapter at the university.

Benefits to choosing this model include:

  • Larger membership
  • More potential volunteers/chapter leaders
  • More financial resources

Challenges to choosing this model include:

  • More logistical issues for meetings and events.
  • More planning and communications required for elections, leadership, transitions, programming, member communications, and finances.
  • Depending on how far apart the universities are, each school may need to have events on their campus in addition to larger, chapter-wide activities involving all universities that are a part of the at-large chapter.
  • Some members may not want to participate in activities conducted away from their home school, especially if there is significant distance between each school.

Charter Amendment Process

Groups wishing to pursue a chapter charter amendment shall follow the Charter Amendment Process. Additional resources are available in that section of the website.

Groups wishing to pursue a chapter charter amendment shall follow the Charter Amendment Process linked above. Additional resources are available in the Chapter Information and Tools and Resources sections of the website.


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