Chapter Fees and Checks Information

Chapter Services Fee

Each chapter of Sigma is assessed an annual fee that helps ensure the consistent availability of high-quality resources and chapter services. The chapter services fee is based on the number of active members in each chapter and is automatically deducted from a regularly scheduled chapter renewal disbursement issued to each chapter by Sigma.

Effective with September 2013 chapter check, the chapter services fee scale will expand from five levels to twelve.

Chapter Checks

Active members pay their membership fees to Sigma for the international and chapter portion of their dues. Chapter dues are regularly returned in scheduled chapter disbursements. Chapters have the option to receive a check in the mail or to utilize direct deposit. Chapters will receive a listing of the members who have paid during that time period along with the money.

Chapter Liability Insurance

This policy provides payment in the event of a liability loss that results in injury or property damage. It protects the chapter against liabilities that arise from its daily operations, meetings, and other officially sanctioned chapter events that do not involve potentially hazardous or dangerous activities. The cost to your chapter for this insurance is based on the number of active members in your chapter as of 1 July each year and will be deducted from your September chapter disbursement.