Developing Honor Society Phase 5 Resources

Preparing for the Chartering Ceremony – (New Chapter Designates)

Designate Details Form New Chapter – must be completed by all Chapter Designates and returned to Sigma Staff

Additional Items to be completed by US Chapter Designates Only

SS-4 Form

SS-4 Instructions

ACH (Direct Deposit) Form for US chapters only (may be completed at any time before or after the ceremony)


Preparing for the Ceremony
Online Induction System (OIS)
Looking Ahead to After Chartering

All board members of new chapters are required to attend trainings and meetings with Sigma staff for the first two years after chartering. 

  • Transition meeting with Chapter Development and Chapter and Regional Support staff (30 days post chartering)
    • Creation of the chapter’s paper charter (30-90 days post chartering)
    • The Chapter Management System:
      • Officer and Committee Chair Report
      • Sigma Update
      • Roster Report Tool
      • Bylaws Submission
      • Chapter Annual Report
  • Trainings:
    • How to edit and utilize the chapter’s Sigma provided website
    • Using The Circle
      • New Chapter Officer’s Group
      • All Chapter Officer’s Workgroup
      • Regional Chapter Officer’s Group
  • Regular meetings with Chapter and Regional Support staff
    • Address any areas of coaching identified by the Sigma Charter Review Task Force or Governance Committee.
    • Assist new chapter leaders with changes in leadership such as elections, officer transitions, etc.
    • Assist with the first submission of chapter bylaws and the chapter annual report.
    • Discuss the progress of the chapter and any other areas where the chapter may need additional support.