Leadership Succession Chair

The Leadership Succession Committee (LSC) is comprised of three (3) elected members who are responsible for developing members in organizational roles, selecting nominees for honor society leadership, preparing the election ballot and notifying candidates of election results. Often the LSC takes responsibility for overseeing the execution of elections.


  • Develop members in organizational leadership roles across the span of their careers.
  • Mentor members to assume positions at all levels of the organization.
  • Oversee the selection of members who can provide the necessary leadership to achieve honor society/chapter goals and to meet the needs of members.
  • Manage the preparation, distribution and tallying of election ballots.
  • Notify all candidates (elected and non-elected) of the election results.
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the position of leadership succession chair. Submit modifications or new policies and procedures to the board of directors for approval.
  • Note: Those serving on the Leadership Succession Committee are not permitted to be on the slate of candidates for officer or committee positions.

Orientation Video - 14 minutes