Biennial Convention House of Delegates Information

The House of Delegates is Sigma's governing body, and delegates are needed meet quorum so that Sigma may conduct business. Each chapter is endowed with two votes per House of Delegates, and two delegates attend Convention and the House of Delegates to cast the votes on behalf of the chapter. If a chapter can only send one delegate, that delegate may cast both votes. Any active chapter member may serve as a delegate!

During the House of Delegates, the following business will take place:

  • Adoption of standing rules and order of business
  • Elections
  • Reporting session and state-of-the-society address
  • Presentation of newly chartered chapters and charter amendments
  • Declaration of the election
  • Presentation and voting on bylaws amendments
  • Presentation and voting on resolutions
  • Departure and recognition ceremony
  • Installation and transition ceremony
  • Organizational call to action

Chapter delegates should be listed in the Current Chapter Leadership area of the Chapter Management System. Chapters who are not represented at the House of Delegates will be bylaws in-compliant, and assessed a fine.

Delegate questions? Email or call 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) or +1.317.634.8171 (International).

The house of delegates shall be composed of two delegates from each chapter, the members of the Sigma board of directors, chairs of standing committees, the regional chapters coordinators, and the past presidents of the society.

The legislative and judicial powers of the society shall be vested in the house of delegates. As such, the house shall have the authority to nominate and elect officers, directors, and other positions as allowed by these bylaws; amend the society’s bylaws; levy special assessments by a two-thirds vote; and adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its proceedings as may be determined by a two-thirds vote of the house of delegates.

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