The Circle

Access Your Resources

Log in to The Circle where you can visit the All Chapter Officers Workgroup. Find events, a discussion forum to ask questions and meet other chapter leaders, and access a resource library with over 400 templates, guides, and samples for chapter leaders. There are also recordings of orientation sessions for many chapter leader positions.

While you’re on The Circle, be sure to check out your chapter’s website and Regional Officer Connect Group to meet your Regional Coordinator and other regional chapter leaders.

Visit your “My Groups” page to get started.

Membership Benefits

Stay Connected with Sigma

All chapter leaders should look for Leader Lines in their inbox on the first Friday of every month. This is Sigma’s newsletter just for chapter leaders, and includes important announcements, training opportunities, and updates. This is the primary way Sigma uses to communicate with chapter leaders, and the content is dynamic, meaning each chapter leader will only see news relevant to their role. Be sure to read each and every month so your chapter stays informed! 

Each Sigma chapter is also assigned a specialist at headquarters to assist with chapter operations questions. If you’d like to get in touch with your chapter specialist, please email


Manage Chapter Business

Visit the Chapter Management System (CMS) to view important information specific to your chapter that will help with successful operations. Visit to find access to:

  • Membership Reports – Download reports of different membership segments like inactive members and any members who have lapsed or joined in the past 90 days. These reports also provide membership rosters with contact information. Your chapter can plan campaigns and programs to reach different groups of members.
  • Online Induction System – Chapter counselors should become familiar with the Online Induction System, which all chapters use to induct new members. You can also download the Online Induction System Manual from the All Chapter Officers Workgroup.
  • Chapter logos – Download custom chapter logos to include on chapter pieces and create brand awareness. A special square logo is available to use as a profile photo on social media.
  • Sigma Update – Chapter leaders can include important news just for their members in Sigma’s monthly newsletter, Sigma Update. The editor is located in the CMS.
  • Bylaws and Chapter Annual Report – There are required reports chapters must submit annually and biennially and will be submitted in the CMS. 


View the training pieces from Sigma's onboarding series for new chapter leaders.


Tour the All Chapter Officers Workgroup on The Circle

Discover the Chapter Management System

Learn about Sigma's chapter leader email