The purpose of the Sigma/Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Foundation grant is to stimulate clinically related oncology nursing research. 

Research Funding
Funds for this grant are provided jointly by the Sigma Foundation for Nursing and the Oncology Nursing Society Foundation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered nurse actively involved in some aspect of cancer patient care, education or research
  • Earned PhD or DNSc degree
  • Preference will be given to Sigma members, other qualifications being equal.
  • Letters of Intent are due by 15 August of application year to ONS. Online applications due 15 September of application year.

Grant Details

Grants available: 1 per year
Funding: US $25,000 (max)
Deadline:15 September 2020
Funding date: 1 January 2021

How to Apply

Letter of intent and application instructions are available for download at http://www.onsfoundation.org/apply/re/RE01.  Application packets submitted to Sigma will not be reviewed.

Contact Information

Oncology Nursing Foundation
125 Enterprise Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1214
Phone: 866.257.4667 x6298 (toll free) OR +1.412.859.6298
Fax: 877.369.5497 (toll free)