1. The final report must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the funding period. Once the final report is received, up to remaining US $500 will be sent, if owed. The report may be submitted as an executive summary or abstract, a manuscript, a research abstract, a publication or journal article related to the funded project. Dissertations are not accepted as final reports. The final report should include the following:
    1. Summary of project aims
    2. Theoretical/conceptual framework
    3. Methods, procedures and sampling
    4. Summary of findings
    5. Recommendations
    6. Financial summary
    7. Check for any unused funds
    8. A 3-5 sentence testimonial on how receiving the grant assisted you in completing your research.
  2. In addition, you must submit your abstract to the www.SigmaRepository.org

    • Grant recipients must submit a full report (i.e., grey literature: the working paper, progress report, etc.) of their investigation/research results to the Sigma Repository. Grant recipients retain full copyright to all works submitted to the repository and may choose to distill/refine the information contained in the working paper and submit an article/book manuscript to the journal/publisher of their choice for tenure and/or promotion purposes. Most publishers do not consider the public dissemination of grey literature to be “prior publishing.” If the grant recipient is working with a publisher and has concerns about submitting the full report to the repository, an embargo period may be requested to avoid perceived interference with the journal/book publication process. Embargo periods will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will not extend beyond industry standards. The repository will display general item information during the embargo period, but the full-text attached file will not be accessible to the public for a set period of time. To submit a full report or for additional information, visit www.SigmaRepository.org and select the “Get Started” tab. If you have additional questions, contact Kimberly Thompson, repository manager, by phone at 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) or via email at repository@sigmanursing.org.

  3. Please recognize funding from the Sigma Foundation for Nursing upon publication and/or presentation.

The report can also should be e-mailed to research@sigmanursing.org or faxed to +1.317.634.8188.
If you have questions, please contact research@sigmanursing.org.

*Please note: This information is only for the grants submitted to the honor society. For grants submitted to Sigma’s joint grant partners, please visit their website for specific guidelines.