1 | Submit Report to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing

Submit the final report to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing within 90 days of the end of the funding period. Once the final report is received, up to US $500 will be sent if owed. The report may be submitted as an executive summary or abstract, a manuscript, a research abstract, or a publication or journal article related to the funded project. Dissertations are not accepted as final reports. The final report should include the following:

  • Summary of project aims
  • Theoretical/conceptual framework
  • Methods, procedures, and sampling
  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendations
  • Financial summary
  • Check for any unused funds
  • Testimonial consisting of three to five sentences about how receiving the grant assisted you in completing your research

Email the report to research@sigmanursing.org or fax to +1.317.634.8188. Contact Research with any questions.

2 | Submit Report and Supplemental Document to the Sigma Repository

The Sigma Repository requires grant recipients to submit the final report as well as a supplemental document. View Repository's registration, submission instructions, and author guidelines.

The supplemental document must be based on the project funded by the award. Abstracts are not acceptable as a supplemental document. Acceptable formats include:

  • Poster—may not be a restatement of your abstract and must contain additional unique information
  • PowerPoint slide—may not be a restatement of your abstract and must contain additional unique information
  • Thesis/dissertation/capstone
  • Quality improvement project
  • Outcomes report
  • Other Gray literature
  • Unpublished manuscript*

*If you are submitting an unpublished manuscript that will also be submitted to a journal, please complete and submit the Repository embargo form. You will be granted a three-year embargo to allow you to purse traditional publication without concern of prior publication violations. The Repository will display general item information during the embargo period, but the attached file(s) will be inaccessible to the public for three years. Upon publication, email the citation so it may be added to the record.

Questions to the Repository staff can be emailed to repository@sigmanursing.org

3 | Recognition

Please recognize Sigma Nursing in your publication and/or presentation.