Report to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing

Submit the final report to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing within 90 days of the end of the funding period. Once the final report is received, the final disbursement will be sent if owed.

The report must be submitted via this online form. Dissertations are not accepted as final reports. The final report should include the following:


Grant information

Grant report

  • Title of the grant
  • Aim, purpose, or objective of the grant
  • Sample
  • Setting
  • Type of study
  • Methodology
  • Summary of results
  • Conclusions
  • Implications
  • Tables/figures (as applicable)
  • References

Sigma Repository

  • Submit supplemental material

Grant feedback

  • Provide a testimonial consisting of three to five sentences about how receiving the grant assisted you in completing your research.

Final Financial Reports

Unused funds must be returned to the Grants Coordinator at 550 St., Indianapolis, IN 46202. Contact Research Services with any questions.