The Sigma/Canadian Nurses Research Grant supports research that advances the practice of nursing with an emphasis on nursing care issues. Nursing care research or clinical nursing research is defined as research that is practice-based or that will provide the groundwork for future practice-based research studies. Research funded through this grant must provide evidence that there is a potential impact on nursing practice, whether direct or indirect. Given the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, research that explores issues that impact nursing practice are welcomed.

In addition, projects that focus on marginalized populations are strongly encouraged and will be given preference, other qualifications being equal.

Research Funding

Funds for this grant are provided jointly by the Sigma Foundation for Nursing and the Canadian Nurses Foundation. Funds for this grant do not cover expenses incurred prior to the funding date.

Grant Details

Grants available: 1 per year
Funding: up to US $5,000
Deadline: 1 December 2024
Funding date: 1 June 2025

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a practicing Canadian registered nurse with a current license
  • Preference given to active member of Sigma.
  • Submission of completed research application via Sigma's online submission system MUST be completed by 1 December.
  • Ready to implement research project when funding is received. 
  • Submit a final report to Sigma and submit completed abstract to the Sigma Repository to receive the final grant disbursement, if owed.
  • Research must address at least one the following nursing care practice priorities:
    • Supporting research that takes place in “clinical” settings, where nurses provide care, including the community setting
    • Supporting research that involves novice researchers
    • Supporting research teams that are interdisciplinary

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted via the online submission system.

Contact Us

Email: Sigma Research Services
Phone: 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) or +1.317.634.8171 (International)