Creating Connections: Chapter Membership Drive

Reactivate 20 members and see what your chapter will gain!

The average chapter has more than 600 inactive members. Did you know that by reactivating just 20 of those members, your chapter can earn Chapter Key Award points, give your chapter more financial stability, make more local connections, and find a whole new pool of volunteers for chapter initiatives. Sigma is making it easy to re-connect with members in the Creating Connections: Chapter Membership Drive.

While chapters are encouraged to participate in the Creating Connections: Chapter Membership Drive at any time during the year, Sigma's official drives will be in October and March.

It is easy to participate:

  1. Pick a day and recruit volunteers.
    Find a day, or multiple days, in March and October to make the bulk of the telephone calls. Try to plan a small, fun, event that will be just as engaging for the volunteers as it is for the members receiving the phone call.

    Once you have established the day(s) your chapter will host the drive, start reaching out to active members who are looking to make local connections.

  2. Request materials from Sigma.
    Submit a request form to receive your chapter’s materials. Upon submission of your form, materials will be emailed to the chapter contact person listed above within 7 business days.

  3. Make phone calls and renew members.
    Your list will be divided into membership segments that will be easy to distribute evenly among volunteers. Volunteers will be able to take payments over the phone to instantly renew members. Scripts, templates and additional resources are available below. 

  4. Submit results to Sigma.
    Return your results sheets to headquarters so additional contact can be made as necessary, and Sigma can recognize your chapter's hard work and efforts.

  5. Send follow-up messages.
    In addition to leaving a voicemail, callers can send a follow-up email message using the templates provided in your request for materials.


Contact Chapter Services via e-mail,, or telephone, 888.634.7575 (U.S./Canada toll free) or +1.317.634.8171 (International).