2017 International Nurses Day
Making a difference through philanthropy

Virginia Henderson Fellow

Donors who pledge US $10,000 (or the 2017 Gross National Income World Bank equivalency) are recognized as a Virginia Henderson Fellow in the STTI Foundation's Heritage Society. The list below consists of new Virginia Henderson Fellows who made a pledge between 1 April - 12 May 2017.

Roberta A. Rolland
     in gratitude to Dr. Melanie Kalman as a mentor and dear friend

Annual Donors

The list below consists of individuals who made a new cash gift or pledge of US $60* or more between 1 April - 12 May 2017.
*Or equivalent based on a sliding scale that is anchored by the World Bank classifications based on per capita income. 
Ezekiel Olasunkanmi Ajao
Josefina Inoturan Alejandro
Elizabeth Allan
Karen Anderson
Debbie Anglade
Lygia Lee Arcaro
Michael Arena
    in memory of Julia Arena
Mary Aydelott-Slavet
     in tribute to Barbara Goodfellow
Zarina Baqai
Devora Baronofsky
Karen Bates
Anne Becker
     in honor of the Kaiser San Leandro Medical
    Center Nursing Staff

Nola Becket
Sandra Bincarousky
    in memory of Anna and Alfred Bincarousky
Katherine Blake
    in memory of Catherine Thompson
Celestine Blalock
Mustafa Bodrick
Jeannine Boulanger
Sandra Boyd
Melissa Brennan
Katharine Breuninger
Rachel Brewer
Julie Ann Brooks
Dorothy Brundage
Michelle Buck
Alfreda Burblis
Patricia Ann Bush
Anna Marie Butrie
Ann Cain
Nancy Caldwell
    in memory of Ruth Spears
Caroline Camunas
Carolyn Cason
Cristina Cave
Joan Chalikian
Ellen Chan
Teresa Charlesworth
Jeannie Cimiotti
Rita Clifford
Mary Clough
Karen Coleman
Raul Anthony Correa
Murial Culpepper
    in memory of Amos and Mattie Brown
Carolyn Cutilli
    in memory of James and Sally Crane
Elgin Dailey
Wireen Dator
Kathleen Dawson
Marther Day
Margaret Dean
William Deane
Kimberly Ann DeClement
Anne Devney
Mary Dickey
Caridad Divina
    in memory of Trinidad Barroga
Patricia Donahue
Marcia D'oyly
Ann Drake
Audrey Drake
Sandra Dunbar
Kimberly Dungan
     in memory of Mary Virginia Senyk
Joan Eberhardt
James Edmonson
Ethel Emenogu
Kathy Ennen
Leticia Estavillo
James Fain
Jennifer Faircloth
Carol Farran
Delores Fox
    in memory of Marjorie King
Charleene Riva Frazier
     in honor of Kathleen Dunn
Cathering Futch
    in memory of Ethel Mae Jones
Pamela Galehouse
Joan Garnar
    in memory of Richard Garnar
Fannie Gaston-Johansson
Annabel George
Gerald Gertiser
Rebekah Gilpin
Evelynn Gioiella
Kimberly Glassman
Joanne Goldbort
Ricardo Gonzalez
Nancy Gorenshek
     in memory of Charles Phelps
Davina Gosnell
    in honor of Amaka Offodile
William Gould
     in memory of Mary Martin
Juana Mercedes Gutrierrez Valverde
Kathleen Hartless
    in memory of Jeanne Bentz
Josephine Hawkins
     in honor of Pat Potter
Nan Hemphill
Nancy Henson
     in memory of Madie Hart
Abby Heydman
Frances Hilliard
    in memory of Anne Christian
Mary-Margaret Hillstrand
Janice Hitchcock
Pamella Ho Sang
    in memory of Isabelle Alexander
Mary-Ellen Hobson
Marita Hoffart
    in honor of Nurse Educators past and present
Patricia Holloman
    in memory of Jeanne Floyd, Patricia Yoder-Wise, and Cecelia Mulvey
Clarissa Howard
Mildred Hubbard
    in honor of Long Beach City College of Nursing
Tonda Hughes
Karen Huss
Doreen Hutchinson
Sue Myndman
    in memory of Marie Natterer
Mary Ingram
Robina Ingram-Rich
Rebecca Ipjian
Taya Irizarry
Christine Marie Jarrell
     in honor of Nursing Faculty and Staff at Wesley College
Judith Jennrich
     in honor of Cathy Catrambone
Wanda Williams Johnson
Dayle Joseph
Judy Judd

Irene Kane
Gabriela Kaplan
     in memory of Fanny Friedman
Suzan Kardong-Edgren
Jeanne Kast
Jean Kelley
Christina King-Talley
Patsy Kistler
Jennifer Kitchens
Lynette Klages
Cynthia Kokliananda
    in memory of Hazel Manson
Norma Krumwiede
Mary Kulikowski
Joyce Laben
Karen Lamb
Gwendolyn Lancaster
    in honor of Michael Lancaster
Norma Lang
Ronnie Leibowitz
Carol Lindeman
David Mahaney
    in honor of Louise Fitspatrick
Bennir Marshall
    in honor of Clara Adams-Ender
JoAnn Martin
    in memory of Melissa Kerzic
Angela Martindale
Bonita Marty
Fredda Massari
Juli Maxworthy
Mary McCullough
Margaret McGregor
Carolyn McGrory
     in honor of Susan McIntosh
Mary McGuire-Hickey
    in honor of Catherine Dodd
Ann McKenzie
Constance Mele
     in honor of Ann Newman
Barbara Miller
Kimberlee Miller-Wenning
Kathleen Milliken
Martha Lopez Morales
Mary Moran
        in honor of Gebreamlak Gedey
Frances Morgan
    in honor of Mrs. Corrie Pierce
Anne Muller
Katrine Murray
Kerry Nolte
Susan Nunchuck
Chika Onyia
    in honor of Fellow Nurses
Cynthia Oster
Ellen Palmer
Betty Parker
Judy Parks
Elinor Parsons
Petra Pasley
Barbara Pearson
Heidi Perkins
Cathy Peters
Jennifer Pettis
     in honor of the Leadership and Faculty of the 
    SUNY Empire State College School of Nursing
Susan Pfund
    in memory of Ingrid Jepson and Dorothy Birtch
Beatrice Phillips
Ginger Pierson
Julia Powell
Sandra Pratt
Jo-Ellen Quinlan
    in memory of Jennie Quinlan
Mary Beth Reid
Brigid Marie Riordan
Roberta Anne Rolland
Kathleen Rose
    in memory of Deanna Balantac
Jane Rothrock
Marlene Ruiz
Rosemary Ryan
Kimberly Sage
Valerie Sauda
Jenny Sauls
Mary Jane Sauve
Kathleen Scharer
Vaunne Schell
Cheryl Schmidt
    in memory of Jean Marvin
Sonja Scholz
Patricia Schwendemann
Craig Sellers
Kathryn Service
    in honor of Professor Charlotte Clarke
Rebecca Shale
     in memory of Gaynella McKinney
Maureen Shekleton
Michael Shelekhov
Nancy Shiles
Terry Siek
John Simmons
    in honor of Phyllis Connelly
Sandra Simmons
Mary Atkinson Smith
Karen Soden
Margaret Sprott
Susan Stash
Shirley Steel
    in memory of Mary Helen Jones
Anna Stewart
Andrew Storer
Linda A Streit
    in memory of Frank Domico
Candice Sullivan
Judith Anne Sumner
Nancy Tamarisk
Kathleen Taylor
Sue Taylor
Luth Tenorio
Marcella Remer Thompson
     in honor of Jane Williams
Pat Thompson
Linda Troyer
Idorenyin Udosen
     in honor of Grace Ogiehor-Enoma
Ann Vamvakias
Joyce Verran
Terry Walsh Gottlieb
     in memory of Grace Walsh
Sue Warren
Michael Weaver
Cathleen Anne Marie Wheatley
Carole White
Fay Whitney
Tamara D. Whittle
Sarah Williams
Linda Williams
Christopher Wilson
May Yong
Inge Zadvinskis
     in memory of Pamela Salsberry

Chapter Donors

The list below consists of chapters who made a new cash gift of US $60* or more between 1 April - 12 May 2017.
*Or equivalent based on a sliding scale that is anchored by the World Bank classifications based on per capita income. 
Alpha Psi
Epsilon Nu
Gamma Tau-at-Large
Kappa Theta
Nu Zeta
Tau Xi

In preparing this list, every effort was made to ensure accuracy. If there is an error, we apologize
and ask that you call the Foundation at 888.634.7575.