International Nurses Day 2016
influencing global health and nursing through philanthropy

Annual Donors

The list below consists of members and chapters who made a new cash gift or pledge of US $60* or more between 4 April - 12 May 2016.
*Or equivalent based on a sliding scale that is anchored by the World Bank classifications based on per capita income. 


Olusola Oladimeji Alamu
Dolores M Alford
     in honor of Patricia Lane, PhD, RN, APRN
Yvonne Alger
Marcia Mae Anderson
Mary Aydelott-Slavet
     in memory of Barbara Goodfellow
Dorothy Baker
Zarina Baqai
Marianne Tickey Baril
Susan M Baxley
     in honor of Dr. Mary Lou Bond
Shirley N Beck
     in honor of Dolores M. Alford, PhD, RN, FAAN
Nola M Becket
Anne K Bedlek
Patricia Beers
     in memory of Carol Picard
Linda K Bennington
Michael Bleich
Rosina Bloomingdale
Nancy Blume
Jull Bormann
Shirley J Brick
Merilys P Brown
Marlene Lee Brynes
Elizabeth Anne Buck
     in honor of Billye Brown
Cleo Ann Burgard
Ann O Cain
Maria Helena Larcher Caliri
Karen L Carlson
Katie Ann Chargualaf
Evonna Cheetham
Karin L Ciance
     in honor of Paulette Remijan
Heron Creek Book Club
     in memory of Carol Picard
Robin B Cohen Jaffe
Eunice Cole
Caroldeen Combs-Sampaga
Jane W Coon
Patsy B Cornelius
Margarita Frances Coyne
Heidi V Crooks
Wireen Leila T Dator
Charlotte Davies
Kathleen Orians Dawson
Irene L DeNave
Nancy A Dickenson-Hazard
     in memory of John H. Hazard
Patricia A Donahue
Audrey C Drake
Mary C Drye
     in memory of Francine Morris
Barb T Duane
     in memory of Jill Steuer
Sandra B Dunbar
Cynthia Renae Early
     in memory of Julie Mulligan Watts
Marjorie Gayle Edwards
     in memory of Mary Elizabeth Carnegie
Deborah O Erickson
Jean W Faddis
     in memory of Jean Derk Wilkins, RN
Irene V Foster
Jovita M Francis
Ellen Sanders Galkin
     ​in memory of Kathleen Hoover Papes
Mary Gannon
Nancy Vaden Gardner
Flora Gaudes
Nan M Gaylord
     in honor of Dr. Dava Shoffner
Gretchen A Geist
Annabel George
Doris M Glick
 Jayne L Gmeiner
     in honor of Dr. Patricia O'Malley
Deborah A Hassler
Gloria Haughton
Louise Hazeltine
     in memory of Eleanor Lambertsen, EdD
Mary Jane Henderson
Jeanne Catherine Hickey
Taryn Lynne Hill
     ​in honor of Dorothy Turner
Marita B Hoffart
     ​in honor of S. Mabel Meng
Clarissa A Howard
Karen Elizabeth Howard
Gladys Mentor Howard
     ​in honor of Marie Maud Wolfe
Karen Huss
Doreen M Hutchinson
Elva M Hyre
Sharon Jacques
Brenda S Julian
Suzan E Kardong-Edgren
Karen A Karlowicz
Jean Kelley
Karen H Lamb
Lynn Lambuth
Norma Lang
Mary S Lazarek
Carol A Lindeman
Hsiu-Chu Liu
Mary Dolores Erickson Lund
     ​in honor of Ebersole Priscilla
Juanita P Lloyd-Stanton
     in memory of Mr. Cerveria Stanton
Nancy Eileen Loos

Iota Tau Chapter
     ​in honor of Shelly Schwedhelm, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Rho Pi Chapter
Theta Sigma Chapter

Elizabeth A Mahoney
Kathy Malloch
Kenric D Malmberg
Iris Mamier
Diane J Mancino
Mary Alyce McCullough
Sharon C McDow
Mary A McGuire-Hickey
Carol Mocsny Metoyer
     in honor of Agnes Marie (Duffy) Mocsny, RN
Abigail Mina
     in memory of Adora Giagrande
Jenny E Mullen
     in honor of Patricia Vanhook, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAAN
Ann K Murtaugh
Laurie V Nagelsmith
Mary Bridget Nettleton
Nancy L Norman-Marzella
     in honor of Sydney Marzella
Jessica Barbara Novak
     in memory of Annabelle
Susan D Ohnmacht
Abimbola Ojurongbe
Sandra Oliver
     in honor of Dr. Billye Brown
Martha A O'Neill
Cynthia A Oster
Nico Engelbertus Oud
Betty S Parker
Tracy Penaflor
Sandra Worthington Peppard
Janice Pettengill
Jeanne M Picariello
     in memory of Theresa Picariello
Robert V Piemonte
     in honor of Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick
Judith T Porter Lobue
Julia W Powell
Bobby S Putnam
     in memory of Gloria A. Putnam
Susan Quilalang
Sherry Lee Rankin
Carol Reid
Karen T Reuter
Rosemarie M Rhodes
Lily P Richardson
     in memory of Lily Leila Dean, RN
Madeline M Richez
     in honor of Launette Woolforde
Lorraine Y Robinson
     in honor of Tim and Andy
Mary A Row
Marlene Ruiz
Mary C Russell
Suzanne M Savoy
     in honor of Kathleen Dracup
Kathleen M Scharer
Sonja R Scholz
Christine Schwartz
Iris R Shannon
     in memory of Dr. Laurie Gunter
Virginia R Sicola
     in honor of Charlene Seale, DNP
Terry J Siek
     in honor of Linda Siek, RN
Linda L Siktberg
Deborah E Silvers
     in memory of Dr. Abigail Adams Silvers
Sandra Simmons
Mary Rose Smochek
Barbara A Stachowski
     in memory of Colleen Trodys, MS
Gena Stiver Stanek
     in memory of Albert Lawson
Susan M Stash
Bobbie S Sterling
     in honor of Billye Brown
Barbara J Stickel
Nancy Stoehr
     in memory of Carol Picard
Ingrid Stoelting
Andrew Charles Storer
Lya Stroupe
     in honor of Debra Harr
Stephanie Stuart
Debora Taylor Swisher
Becca Kathryn Thibodaux
Katherine R Thomas
Pat E Thompson
Deborah E Trautman
Leigh Allison Traylor
Ann Tritak
Marlene B Uhrin-Birster
Linda L Vacon
     ​in memory of Diane Laporte, RN
Beverly Faye Van Metre
     in honor of Imogene Foster
Karen J Vander Laan
     in honor of Kappa Epsilon-at-Large Chapter
Mary A Vekich
Susan Wanda Vines
Terry D Walsh Gottlieb
     ​in memory of Grace Walsh
Mary R Weber
     ​in honor of Genevieve Rudolph
Mary Carol Wild
     ​in honor of Pamela Klauer Triolo 
Alice P Wright
Jacqueline Wylie
May Yong
Jane Younger
Imelda Lorenzo-Lising Zapata
     ​in memory of Dr. Jose and Natalia Lising

In preparing this list, every effort was made to ensure accuracy. If there is an error, we apologize
and ask that you call the Foundation at 888.634.7575.