International Nurses Day

Nurses Week 2015

Virginia Henderson Fellows

Wendy B. Hansbrough
Debra S Heinrich

Annual Donors

The list below consists of members and chapters who made a new cash gift of US$60* or more between 24 March - 12 May 2015.

*Or equivalent based on a sliding scale that is anchored by the World Bank classifications based on per capita income. 

Marsha Howell Adams 
Dolores M Alford
     in honor of Dr. Gayle Varnell
Jerico Gamiao Alicante
     in honor of Nilva, Divina,
     and Elsa Gamiao

Michael Dominic Arena
     in honor of my mother, Julia Arena
Mary Aydelott-Slavet 
Dorothy C Baker 
Marianne Tickey Baril 
Lorraine Ruth Barton 
Joan Elizabeth Baumgardner 
Shirley N Beck
     in honor of Susan Weeks
Nola M Becket 
Anne K Bedlek 
Irene S Bembry
     in honor of Dora L. Smith
Kathy Bennison
     in honor of Haley Copeland, Joni Meyer, 
     and Paula Rankin

Shirley H Black
     in honor of Shirley Duwe
Sandra M Boyd 
Shirley J Brick 
Ann Marie T Brooks
     in memory of Suzanne Smith
Anne B Brown 
Merilys E Brown 
Barbara A Brubaker
     in memory of Sue Byers
Elizabeth Anne Buck 
Alfreda A Burblis 
Diane Burke
     in honor of Mary L. Lovering
Shelley Kay Carnes 
Cristina G Cave 
Barbara Chamberlain 
Thomas L Christenbery
     in honor of Mavis Schorn
Denise M Clark 
Laurel L. Clark 
Margaret F Claspill 
Rita K Clifford 
Thomas Ray Coe 
Carolyn B Colwell 
Susan J Connor 
Cheryl Moseley Conway
     in honor of Dr. Eunice Bell
Sean Cox 
Muriel J Culpepper
     in memory of Mattie Scruggs Brown
Kathleen Orians Dawson 
Jo-Ann Barolomei Dean 
Rita J Debonis 
Connie M Dekker - van Doorn 
Irene L DeNave 
Sanfora Di Mola 
Francisco Diaz 
Nancy A Dickenson-Hazard 
Patricia A Donahue 
Joan V Dowdy
     in memory of my father, Alvin W. Olton
Audrey C Drake 
Christine R Durbin 
Judith Dzyak 
Suellyn Ellerbe
     in memory of Connie Curran
Anne G Ellis 
Naomi E Ervin
     in honor of Dr. Barbara J. Horn
Jean Espenshade
     in memory of Dorothy Crowley
Jean W Faddis
     in memory of Jean Derk Wilkins
Kathleen Finlayson 
Irene V Foster 
Becky Frey
     in honor of the 2013-15 STTI Foundation
     Renewable Gifts Committee members
     Anne Becker, Kelly Betts,
     Deborah Chapa, Patricia Dunning,
     Sue Haddock, Vicki Nikou,
     Nico Oud, and Cecilia Salazar
Christina Frias 
Pamela K Fuller 
Ellen Sanders Galkin
     in memory of Kathleen Hoover Papes
Mary Ellen Gannon 
MeLisa A Gantt 
Nancy Rollins Gantz 
Gretchen A Geist 
Susan Gillan
     in honor of Jessie M. Colin
Mike Marc Ginnis 
Kimberly S Glassman 
Jennifer S Graber
     in honor of Evelyn Hayes
Patricia A Grady 
Denise A Gray
     in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dillon
Rosemarie Francis Grimm
     in memory of Kristin McLain
Thóra B Hafsteinsdottir 
Jon Claire Handal 
Wendy Hansbrough 
Kathleen L Harr
     in memory of Dr. Shirley Dooling
Willard Harris 
Debra S Heinrich 
Sandra Hermans 
Zara Joan Herwick 
Frances B Hilliard 
Dana Hillyer 
Janice M Hitchcock 
Ellen M Hodges 
Barbara Hoerl Labrie 
Gloria J Hoff
     in honor of Dr. Ruth Grendell
Marita B Hoffart 
Patricia Hunt-Slamow 
Mary R Ingram
     in honor of Mary Piper, RN
Jackeline Iseler 
Susan E Jacobson
     in honor of Marian Newton
Sharon Jacques 
Susan Janson 
Connie Jastremski 
Dayle Hunt Joseph 
Judy M Judd 
Brenda S Julian
     in memory of Dean Eloise Lewis
Ruth H Kahn
     in memory of Dr. Vernice Ferguson
Irene Kane 
Julie Karcis 
Retha E Keenan
     in honor of Cassidy Iverson

Imaging Services nursing staff of Wake Med Health 
Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee
     in memory of Gloria DeBoer
Phyllis Janine Kelley 
Lucie S Kelly
     in memory of Ruth Kuehn
Barbara Kiernan 
Mary L Kinneman 
Connie D Klink 
Elaine M Kopp
     in honor of Marianne Duffy,
     Lolita C. Jacob,
     Carolyn Rummel,
     Constance Sobon-Sensor,
     and Teresa Torsney

Mary A Kulikowski 
Gwendolyn M Kurtz
     in memory of Dean Anna B. Coles
Maryjoan D Ladden 
Lynn Lambuth 
Jacqueline O Laucirica 
Yannira Laviola 
Jennifer K Lawlor 
Carol A Lindeman 
Joan LoPresti
     in honor of Irene Costanzo
Janet E Lord
     in memory of LaVerne Gallman
Janet A Lotegeluaki
     in honor of Doreen Frusti
Barbara H Lupole
     in honor of Theta Rho Chapter, 
     Cedar Crest College

Christine M Macenski 
Bonita A Marty 
Juli Cordelia Maxworthy 
     in memory of my grandmother, Mary Coate
Margaret L McClure
     in honor of Dr. Muriel A. Poulin
Mary A McCullough
     in honor of Duke School of Nursing
Melanie McDonald 
Mary A McGuire-Hickey
     in honor of Catherine Dodd
Robin Clark Mead 
Abigail Mina 
Gene E. Mundie 
Laurie V Nagelsmith 
Cornelius Neufeld
     in honor of the University of Kansas 
     School of Nursing, 
     Dr. Loretta C. Ford,
     and Ruth V. Lewis, RN

Saiyud  Niyomviphat 
Marilyn Noettl 
Susan D Ohnmacht
     in memory of Joyce C. Clifford
Joanne K Olson
     in honor of Dr. Hester Klopper
Marjorie J Ostrander
     in memory of Alfred R. Harmes
Ellen L Palmer
     in honor of Peggy Palmer Francis
Betty S Parker 
Suzanne M Payne
     in memory of Jean E. Payne
Barbara A Pearson 
Diane J Peyser
     in honor of Judith Moran Peters
Charlene Phelps
     in honor of Joyce Fitzpatrick
Tom Popcheff 
Rita Poss-Brant 
Clare M Poulose 
Julia W Powell 
Evelyn D Quigley
     in honor of Carla Hansen
Rachel Ramsey 
Marilyn A Ray
     in honor of Rhonda Goodman, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, NCSN, AHN-BC
Traci Rizk
     in honor of Laura Sweatt
Gail A Rock 
Jane L Rothrock
     in honor of Linda Burns
Vincent L Salyers 
Mary Jane Sauve 
Assanatu Savage
     in honor of Debra Janikowski
Patricia E Schafer 
Sonja R Scholz 
Patricia K Schrader 
Susan E Shapiro 
Lillie Shortridge-Baggett
     in honor of Dr. Veronica O'Day
Linda L Siktberg 
Deborah E Silvers
     in memory of Dr. Abigail Adams Silvers
John M Simmons
     in honor of Phyllis Connolly
Brenda E Smith 
Mary Rose Smochek 
Diane St Denis
     in honor of Garrett Chan
Barbara A Stachowski 
Janet Standard 
Susan M Stash 
Karen A Stiefel 
Mildred T Sugita 
Lourdes M Sumilang 
I Marlene Summers
     in honor of Margaret T. Courtwright
Debora Taylor Swisher 
Lisa Scarborough Tallet 
Melissa R Taylor
     in honor of Mrs. Velmaree Smith
Patricia E Thompson 
Sara B Thompson 
Jean E Thompson-Bowers 
Robin J Toms 
Ann Tritak
     in honor of Dr. Mary Norton
Patricia L Valoon
     in memory of Grace E. Davidson
Tonny van de Pasch 
Joyce Ann Verran 
Susan Wanda Vines 
Jean A Walachy
     in memory of Marie H. Drees
Roger Watson 
Rosa Lee Weinert
     in honor of Clarann Weinert
Sarah D Williams 
Valerie Winn 
Zane Robinson Wolf 
Kelly Ambrosi Wolgast 
Darlene N Woodruff
     in memory of Joyce Folker, RN
Andrea Genieve Woodstock 
Suzanne S Yarbrough 
Jane Younger
     in honor of Sharon Weinstein
Margaret A Zeidman

In preparing this list, every effort was made to ensure accuracy. If there is an error, we apologize
and ask that you call the Foundation at 888.634.7575.