What is planned giving?

Planned gifts, such as bequests, is a way to provide a future gift to charity. Sigma Foundation for Nursing welcomes planned gifts that allow you to advance the future of global nursing leadership and research.

Types of Planned Gifts

Planned gifts include bequests, charitable lead trusts, life income gifts, life insurance policies, and retirement plans. Contact the Foundation to explore these and other options, and always seek independent counsel when preparing your estate plan. 

Billye Brown Fellow

When you make a planned gift with a present day value of at least US $50,000 (adjusted for middle and lower income country residents) to the Foundation, you may designate it to future, leadership, or research funds and be recognized today as a Heritage Society member.

Orchid Society

Planned gifts with an unknown or present day value of less than US$50,000 are recognized in the Orchid Society. To become a member of the Orchid Society, you simply need to provide the Foundation with your name, and contact information and indicate that you have made provisions for the Foundation to receive a planned gift from you. The Foundation understands that circumstances change, so you don’t need to specify the amount of your planned gift to the Foundation when you become an Orchid Society member.

Read the October October 2019 Orchid Society Newsletter.

A listing of Orchid Society members can be found here.

For planned giving details contact Lynn Lambuth at lynn@stti.org or 888.634.7575 (U.S./Canada toll-free) +800634.7575.1 (International) ext. 4905.

Rose Constantino 2

“I love the international flavor of Sigma events and the connections I make. At biennial convention, I met a nurse from the Philippines who I am now mentoring in Sigma’s Gerontological Nurse Leadership Academy. My planned gift to the Foundation is an easy and affordable way to support nursing’s future leaders and researchers.”

— Rose Constantino
     Billye Brown Fellow

Vaughan-Wrobel, Beth

 “I am pleased to provide a planned gift through the Orchid Society. I believe Sigma is a unique organization that supports the important work of nurses worldwide.”

— Beth C. Vaughan-Wrobel
     EdD, RN
     1991-1993 STTI President