Every Member Giving


Your donations to Sigma Foundation for Nursing provide financial resources — outside of what is provided through dues — for members like Laura who received an Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy in 2018.  Laura is dedicated to providing unique and specific care for her patients while striving for excellence in her nursing career. So, when she was invited to join Sigma, she was thrilled.

“Being dedicated to the nursing program at California Baptist University (CBU) full-time resulted in my being unable to work often, leaving the opportunity to join Sigma out of reach. Being chosen for this grant has enabled me to gain membership, attend the March 2018 induction ceremony, and continue enriching my nursing career.” 

Campaign goals and progress

Together, we change lives and advance healthcare.

In 2010, Sigma Foundation for Nursing was challenged to raise US $4 million to increase financial assistance for more nurses to receive research grants, leadership education, and to support Sigma programs that advance global nursing excellence.

 Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are well on our way to meeting this goal!


Funding goals

Research grants

Goal: US $220,000
Current: US $140,000

Leadership education

Goal: US $72,000 available
Current: US $38,000 available

Sigma global programs (Future Fund)

Goal: US $150,000 available
Current: US $127,000 available