Participant Roles

The Mentee develops a leadership project focused on improving maternal-child health outcomes and maternal-child nursing practice. As part of the project development, the Mentee will receive support from his or her Association, Organization, or Institution (A/O/I) to form an interdisciplinary team in his or her practice setting or community to address a maternal-child health issue.

Leadership Mentor
Each Mentee will be paired with an expert Leadership Mentor who participates in the academy workshops and guides the Mentee through the leadership development journey. The Leadership Mentor is an individual who is:
  • Familiar with the Mentee's practice setting.
  • Prepared to champion, advise, and advocate for the Mentee.
  • Not the Mentee's direct supervisor.
  • A practiced leader evidenced by the accomplishments of prior mentees.

Faculty Advisor
The Mentee and Leadership Mentor are paired with a Faculty Advisor who acts as a facilitator during the Mentee's leadership journey. This triad — Mentee, Leadership Mentor, and Faculty Advisor — forms the basic functional unit of the academy that works collaboratively to complete the Mentee's leadership development goals including team development, project planning, implementation, and evaluation. A Faculty Advisor:
  • Participates in the academy’s application review and selection process as a reviewer.
  • Participates in curriculum development, presentation, and evaluation; advising and mentoring.
  • Works with other MCHNLA faculty advisors, Sigma, and Johnson & Johnson staff to achieve program goals and objectives.

Selection Criteria
Maternal-child health nurses and midwives from Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, and Uganda are encouraged to apply. The academy is open to those whose practice includes nursing service, administration, education, or research concentrating on the health of mothers and children. This includes, but is not limited to, clinicians, researchers, faculty, maternal-child health nurses, and midwives working in professional organizations and health policy. Sigma membership is not a requirement for participation in the academy as a Leadership Mentor or Mentee.

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