• Ethical Dilemmas

    Price: US $54.15 | CPD Hours: 4.30 | Course Number : ETHICS02

    Balancing the right to healthcare treatment and individual rights in the context of professional moral and ethical practices is a difficult dilemma. This course aims to assist you to by providing a brief overview of the context, nature and processes of ethical dilemmas, its associated terms, concepts, theories and processes. Understanding the basic concepts that apply to this field, including the underpinning ethical principles of healthcare practice, will enable the practitioner to more easily recognize an ethical dilemma. This course is part of the Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program

  • Practical Ethics in the Healthcare Setting

    Price: US $22.73 | CPD Hours: 1.80 | Course Number : ETHICS07

    This course will address common barriers encountered in professional ethical practice. These barriers to resolving ethical dilemmas are categorized as to how they relate to nursing, interprofessional collaboration, patient/provider relationships and organizational structure. Two ethical decision models on how to resolve clinical ethical dilemmas will be explored: ADPIE and the Four Topics Method. These models will help to identify the best course of action to resolve an ethical dilemma. This course is part of the Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program

  • Nursing Codes of Ethical Behaviors

    Price: US $50.63 | CPD Hours: 4.10 | Course Number : ETHICS06

    Healthcare professionals are mandated to protect and uphold all standards of healthcare practice. This course begins by exploring professional position statements in an organization and continues with a pragmatic discussion of the practical considerations a clinician may encounter when dealing with individual, context-specific, and ethical challenges. This course is part of the Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program

  • Professional Ethics

    Price: US $21.85 | CPD Hours: 1.70 | Course Number : ETHICS05

    Nurses in all roles and settings are responsible and accountable for upholding the professional values of the profession. Individual integrity is the starting point for professional integrity. When integrity is threatened moral distress can ensue. In this course, moral distress will be defined, and its prevalence, sources and consequences will be identified. Strategies for supporting personal and professional integrity and creating an ethical practice environment will also be discussed. This course is part of the Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program

  • Ethical Principles

    Price: US $54.95 | CPD Hours: 4.40 | Course Number : ETHICS04

    This course describes the role of emotion in moral/ethical responses to provide a background for studying the bioethical principles. Scenarios from everyday life and clinical settings will be used to demonstrate the use of the bioethical principle framework inclusive of autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence and justice; and the interface of the framework with moral rules specifically veracity, confidentiality, privacy, informed consent, and fidelity. This course is part of the Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program

  • Introduction to Healthcare Ethics

    Price: US $30.42 | CPD Hours: 2.40 | Course Number : ETHICS01

    This course introduces learners to ways of classifying and organizing “levels” of ethics from the very abstract to the more practical (or from the practical to the abstract). Learners will be presented with a basic overview of meta ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics, and learn how various theories and principles of ethics are interconnected. The importance of value analysis and how individual values have a place within the broader study of ethics will also be addressed. This course is part of the Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program.

  • Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program

    Price: US $275.00 | CPD Hours: 24.00 | Course Number : ETHICSprogram

    This program examines key ethical issues, terms, concepts, and ideas that can become an everyday part of nursing practice. Reflective and guided exercises focus on personal philosophy, values, and working through ethical issues to help clarify when an ethical dilemma exists, what ethical issues are involved, and how an ethical position can be explained to others. The voice of the ethics-articulate nurse in collaboration with other healthcare providers is key to creating an ethically responsible nurse-patient relationship, unit team, or organization. The program includes a pre- and post-assessment and seven interactive courses. 

    The professional certificate is not a license and does not convey certification, certified status or credentialing, but is recognition of accomplishments in a specialized area of practice.

  • QSEN 2020: Strategies to Prepare for the Certified Clinical Nurse Educator Exam (CNEcl)

    Price: US $0.00 | CPD Hours: 1.00 | Course Number : QSEN2020_01

    This webinar is designed to help the participants learn about the aspects of the CNEcl exam and how to prepare for this exam.

    In partnership with the QSEN Task Force: Academic Clinical Practice.

  • Infuse Joy: A Call to Action in Healthcare

    Price: US $0.00 | CPD Hours: 1.00 | Course Number : IJ01

    Join Sigma President Richard Ricciardi, PhD, CRNP, FAANP, FAAN, as we launch the celebration of International Nurses Day with a webinar presentation on his Presidential Call to Action: Infuse Joy.

    Created in partnership with Wambi.

  • Prevalence and Correlates of Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Healthy Beliefs, and Lifestyle Behaviors in First‐Year Graduate Health Sciences Students

    Price: US $13.75 | CPD Hours: 1.10 | Course Number : WV043

    This article from Worldviews of Evidence-Based Nursing follows: (a) to examine the prevalence of depression, anxiety, stress, physical health, healthy beliefs, and lifestyle behaviors in incoming first‐year health sciences professional students; (b) to describe the relationships among these variables; and (c) to determine predictors of depression and anxiety.

  • The MINDBODYSTRONG Intervention for New Nurse Residents: 6-Month Effects on Mental Health Outcomes, Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors, and Job Satisfaction

    Price: US $13.75 | CPD Hours: 1.10 | Course Number : WV042

    This article from Worldviews of Evidence-Based Nursing evaluated the 6-month effects of the MINDBODYSTRONG for Healthcare Professionals program on the mental health, healthy lifestyle behaviors, and job satisfaction of NLRNs participating in a nurse residency program.

  • Relational-Level Factors Influencing Suicidal Behaviors Among Korean Adolescents

    Price: US $13.75 | CPD Hours: 1.10 | Course Number : JNS030

    The purpose of this article from Journal of Nursing Scholarship is to identify relational-level risk and protective factors for suicidal ideation, suicide plan, and suicide attempt in a nationally representative sample of Korean adolescents.

  • Human Trafficking: Providing Meaningful Intervention

    Price: US $12.50 | CPD Hours: 1.00 | Course Number : HTT01

    Human trafficking (HT) victims often encounter health care providers while being trafficked including nurses, who play a pivotal role in identifying current and potential victims. This course is designed to provide a general overview of the complex issue of HT to help nurses spot the common red flags associated with it. Once these current and potential victims are identified, nurses can begin to provide meaningful, trauma-informed care and interventions.

  • Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program

    Price: US $300.00 | CPD Hours: 40.00 | Course Number : SAFEProgram

    Take this course and you will learn the necessary knowledge and resources to develop a clinical knowledge base when caring for patients of sexual violence. This program contains 14 modules which follow the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) Educational Guidelines for didactic course work in Adolescent/Adult SANE and features subject matter experts from around the United States.

  • Effectiveness of Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion on Parental Quality of Life and Glycemic Control Among Children With T1D: Meta-Analysis

    Price: US $13.75 | CPD Hours: 1.10 | Course Number : WV031

    The purpose of this article from Worldviews of Evidence-Based Nursing is to determine the best available evidence regarding the effectiveness of CSII compared to MDI on parental QOL and glycemic control among children with T1D.

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response

    Price: US $12.00 | CPD Hours: 2.50 | Course Number : SP0006

    Natural and human-shaped disasters are an unfortunate reality, but there are steps you can take to better prepare for them and assist in disaster relief efforts. This course presents an overview of a nurse’s role in planning for and responding to a mass casualty incident and includes information on how you and your family can better prepare for disasters.

  • Initiation of Term Newborn Skin‐to‐Skin Contact in the Operating Room Following Scheduled Cesarean Section: A DNP Capstone Project

    Price: US $12.50 | CPD Hours: 1.00 | Course Number : WV028

    This article from Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing shares the best evidence‐based strategies and innovative ideas on how to facilitate the learning and implementation of EBP principles and processes by clinicians as well as nursing and interprofessional students.

  • Large‐Scale Hospital Mattress Switch‐Out Leads to Reduction Hospital‐Acquired Pressure Ulcers: Operationalization of a Multidisciplinary Task Force

    Price: US $13.75 | CPD Hours: 1.10 | Course Number : WV027

    The purpose of this article from Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing is to describe the successful implementation of a hospital-wide mattress switch-out program using a Multidisciplinary Task Force, which resulted in a decrease in HAPUs and significant cost savings.

  • Multisite Studies Demonstrate Positive Relationship Between Practice Environments and Smoking Cessation Counseling Evidence‐Based Practices

    Price: US $13.75 | CPD Hours: 1.10 | Course Number : WV026

    This article from Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing examines the relationship between the nurse practice environment and nurses’ use of smoking cessation counseling practices, and to evaluate the effect of the individual nurse and organization characteristics on nurse smoking cessation counseling practices.

  • Providing Excellent Palliative Care

    Price: US $0.00 | CPD Hours: 1.50 | Course Number : GNLA003

    The purpose of this course is to provide an example of quality care at the end of life through a case study of an elderly gentleman who is dying. The case will demonstrate how effective communication with a health care team provides for a desired quality of life and allows one to prepare for a peaceful death.

  • Community Health Nursing

    Price: US $25.00 | CPD Hours: 2.00 | Course Number : NNP008

    Community health nursing combines public health sciences and nursing theories to improve and sustain the health of populations in communities. This course provides an overview of community health nursing history, poverty, sustainability, and the health care needs of developing countries.

  • Mastering Informatics

    Price: US $250.00 | CPD Hours: 29.50 | Course Number : INFprogram

    This course is written by the top informaticists in healthcare, the book covers everything from planning and analysis to designing, testing, training, implementing, maintaining, evaluating, security, patient safety, analytic, mobility and much more. The content in the book Mastering Informatics: A Healthcare Handbook for Success and the additional online information will help prepare you for the ANCC board certification exam in nursing informatics (RN-BC).

    This companion CNE course to Mastering Informatics provides additional content on each of the chapters included in the book Mastering Informatics: A Healthcare Handbook for Success. By purchasing a new copy of Mastering Informatics: A Healthcare Handbook for Success, you can complete all of the continuing nursing education (CNE) units required for the nursing informatics exam from one product.

  • Operational Structures and Processes

    Price: US $60.80 | CPD Hours: 6.40 | Course Number : LEAD02

    This course will help increase knowledge in regards to organizational structure, management systems, and information technology. Additionally, the concept of population health, and the determinants that contribute to that health, will be addressed.

  • Financial Management

    Price: US $70.50 | CPD Hours: 9.40 | Course Number : LEAD01

    Healthcare leaders must be able to control patient care expenses and understand the flow of patient revenues. This course will address capital and operating budgets, evaluating productivity, and healthcare related legislation.

  • Healthcare Leadership Program

    Price: US $200.00 | CPD Hours: 52.20 | Course Number : LEADProgram

    To ensure quality patient care in today’s healthcare environment of increasing patient acuity and staff turnover, nurse leaders are asked to stay apprised of the latest in clinical practice and supervise more staff more effectively. Nurse leaders are expected to exhibit a broad range of leadership skills necessary to keep job satisfaction and productivity levels high and turnover rates low. The curriculum for this program is based on the testing blueprints of four nursing leadership/management credentialing certifications currently available and includes seven courses in addition to a pre- and post-assessment. 

  • Emergency Nursing: Understanding the Profession

    Price: US $50.00 | CPD Hours: 5.30 | Course Number : EM001

    What is emergency nursing? This course addresses this question and explores the profession through topics like unique roles for emergency nurses, key players in the emergency department, challenges faced, and more.

  • Preparing a Professional Presentation

    Price: US $21.25 | CPD Hours: 1.70 | Course Number : PROF02

    Whether it is a presentation to a hospital board or speaking at a conference, nurses have many opportunities to present their data and experiences. Presenting that information professionally can be difficult. This engaging course addresses how to speak in a professional setting and how to avoid "The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking."

  • Professional Appearance and Behavior

    Price: US $12.00 | CPD Hours: 0.90 | Course Number : PROF01

    Nurses are often involved with engagements that take them away from the bedside. From interdisciplinary teams to business meetings, it has become common-place for nurses to participate in settings where making a professional impression is important. This course provides practical information on dressing appropriately, making introductions, and networking successfully at conferences and other business settings.