A nurse’s guide to end-of-life care

18 June 2014
Julie Adams, Director, Marketing and Communications 
Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International
A nurse’s guide to end-of-life care
Second edition of popular STTI book includes updates and additional supportive
phrases for nurses
INDIANAPOLIS — How do you support and provide the best care for dying patients and their families?
Although vital components of patient care, these poignant questions are rarely answered with conviction in the health care industry. In the new book To Comfort Always: A Nurse’s Guide to End-of-Life Care, Second Edition, Linda Norlander MS, BSN, RN, helps nurses navigate end-of-life care and communication by serving as a skilled clinician, advocate, and guide.
“All nurses experience death either professionally or personally, so all nurses should have a basic knowledge of how to care for dying patients,” Norlander said.
Published by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), this newly revised version provides readers with additional tools and resources along with expanded content on chronic illness, dementia, care planning, clinical management, ethics, suffering, and grief to empower nurses to serve as an advocate for both the patient and family members.
Norlander is an award-winning author and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow with more than 30 years of experience in nursing. She believes that the concept of presence is critical both when caring for patients and when educating nurses about patient care. She has committed her work to providing better care to patients at the end of their lives; inspired by the poorly managed medical care she experienced when her mother was ill.
“Our population is aging and experiencing more long-term chronic illnesses, including dementia,” Norlander said. “These will all be eventually fatal, and we need to be able to care for these patients in a compassionate and holistic way.”
To Comfort Always, Second Edition: A Nurse’s Guide to End-of-Life Care
By: Linda Norlander, MS, BSN, RN
ISBN-13: 9781938835506. Published by STTI, June 2014
Price: US $34.95 Soft cover and e-book. 220 pages. Trim size: 6 x 9
About the author:
Linda Norlander, MS, BSN, RN, is director of clinical services for the Franciscan Hospice Program in Tacoma, Washington. She has written numerous journal articles about advance care planning, suffering at the end of life, and other hospice and end-of-life topics. She co-wrote with Marge SchafferBeing Present: A Nurse’s Resource for End-of-Life Communication. Norlander has presented nationally on these topics. She has also conducted writing workshops for nurses. She is a recipient of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellowship.
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