Pre-conference Writing Workshop Submissions

To ensure that we provide the most relevant feedback during the writing workshop, we ask all participants to upload an excerpt from a scholarly article they have previously submitted for publication or are planning to submit to a peer-reviewed journal in the future. The facilitators may pull examples from participants’ articles during Sigma writing workshops to provide feedback and encourage discussion among small groups.

Uploading Your Files

Acceptable file formats are limited to .doc and .docx for articles and .gif, .png. or .jpg for figures. If your figures are in other formats (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), please export them as image files before uploading. If you are submitting multiple files (for instance, a .docx file and two .jpg files), please combine them into a single .zip file for uploading.

Additional Notes

Uploaded files are not returnable. Neither Sigma nor the workshop facilitators make any claims on copyright of the uploaded material; copyright will remain with the creators of the articles. However, by uploading content, participants grant permission for their work to be used during Sigma-sponsored writing workshops.

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