Collaborative Programming

When honor societies and chapters and/or honor societies and organizations come together for a one-time event, this is collaborative planning.

Suggestions for collaborative programming:

  • Determine if “seed money” is needed to facilitate the arrangement of the program. If so, each chapter should contribute an equal amount.
  • Determine who will handle the finances for the event.
  • Profits or losses should be equally divided.
  • Consider assigning each chapter a “task.” For example, one chapter books the meeting space, one develops the flyer or registration information, etc.

Benefits of collaborative programming:

  • Pools many resources together for one event so that one chapter does not plan everything from start to finish and does not pay 100% of the expenses.
  • Each program fulfills one of the scholarly program requirements for the chapter.
  • Allows the chapter to achieve greater attendance than if it conducts its own program.