Model 2: Starting A New Chapter with Two or More Schools of Nursing

In this model, two or more schools of nursing work together to start one Sigma chapter. Sigma calls this chapter model an at-large chapter. In some areas or countries, two or more schools of nursing may find it beneficial to join together to form one Sigma chapter. There is no limit to the number of schools that can collaborate within one at-large chapter.

NOTE: Schools of nursing that have more than one campus can only create an at-Large chapter with the other campuses that have their own school of nursing dean/head of program. Otherwise, the campuses would all be combined in one regular chapter.

Examples of at-Large chapters:

  • Two or more small schools of nursing who join together to meet the minimum number of members to form a chapter.
  • All schools of nursing within a country who join together to involve all nurses and utilize as many resources as possible.
  • Two or more schools of nursing in different countries, but who are in close geographic proximity and wish to collaborate to form an at-Large chapter.

Benefits to choosing this model include:

  • Larger membership
  • More potential volunteers/chapter leaders
  • More finances

Challenges to choosing this model include:

  • Involving nurses from various universities and locations may take more coordination for meetings and events.
  • Depending on how far apart the universities are, each school may need to have events on their campus in addition to larger chapter-wide activities involving all universities that are a part of the at-large chapter.
  • Some members may not want to participate in activities conducted away from their home school, especially if there is significant distance between each school.

To start a new at-Large chapter with two or more schools of nursing, groups shall progress through each phase of development, systematically completing all tasks outlined within each phase of development. After completion of phases 1, 2, and 3, groups pursuing chapter charter status will request and complete an at-Large Chapter Charter Application as part of the phase 4 process.