Membership Involvement Resources

Membership is the foundation of each developing honor society. The board of directors is responsible for establishing and maintain member satisfaction. For many, membership begins with effective recruitment and is sustained by valuable membership engagement. Consider the following related to all stages of membership.

Membership Benefits

  • What tangible and intangible benefits does your honor society offer to its members?
  • Do the benefits you offer provide value to the member?
  • Are these benefits well worth what the member has paid for these benefits?
  • Do the benefits excite your members about the honor society and the nursing profession?
  • Do the benefits entice your members to renew year after year?
  • Do the benefits appeal to a variety of members?
  • Do you provide a listing of benefits to your members?

These are a few of the questions that the developing honor society board should be asking. Your answers will help guide how the developing honor society continues to grow and develop. 

Compile a written list of your honor society's member benefits and continue to revise and update the list. Benefits might include:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Career development programs
  • Leadership development programs
  • Service projects / service learning
  • Research opportunities or programs
  • Social & networking events
  • Scholarships
  • Awards
  • Mentoring relationships
  • Continuing education credit

These benefits should be presented in new inductee invitation letters, membership newsletters, the honor society/chapter website, membership/orientation flyers and membership renewal notices.

NOTE: Once an honor society is approved and charters as an official chapter, chapter members will be eligible for Sigma member benefits in addition to the chapter's established member benefits.

Recruiting Members

Membership Recruitment

Honor Society Orientations
Orienting new members to your honor society is the most effective way to welcome and introduce them to your honor society and get them engaged. One of the most frequently asked questions by leaders is how to properly conduct an orientation. While there really is no right or wrong answer, honor societies should consider making new member orientation a process with multiple opportunities for interaction. Whatever you do, keep it fun!

What new members want to know:

  • how to get involved
  • what opportunities exist for personal and professional development
  • what does the honor society provide that other nursing organizations do not

What honor societies and chapters want to know:

  • how to engage new members
  • how to stay in contact with new members
  • how to increase first year renewal rates 

Online Orientation
Online orientations can be formal or informal, and foster connections with your chapter and other members. Personal contact and honor society information can be included or via internet messaging or emails; phone calls; texting; electronic newsletters; and social networking and websites. Develop a one-year communication plan where regularly scheduled communications are sent to your various member types.

New Member Orientation Resources

Member Engagement and Retention
Members are the foundation of each honor society and chapter and member satisfaction is crucial. Just as each member has a slightly different motivation for joining, each member has a different set of expectations that must be met in order to maintain member satisfaction. Though each member demographic may have its own unique characteristics, there are a few tips, tricks and resources available to support member satisfaction through membership engagement and retention. Channel your inner marketer to creatively reach out and connect with members. Keep membership engagement fun!

E Educate them about Sigma
X Excellence - recognize their accomplishments
C Communicate - frequently and in a meaningful way
I   Involve them immediately
T Teach them about opportunities for professional development
E  Encourage their continued membership

Understanding Your New Members

Do's and Don'ts for Chapters
Generational Differences
What New Members Want