Developing a Policy & Procedure Manual

You will find as the honor society develops and becomes more established that you will begin discussing the various items shown in the Suggested Content listing below. As you discuss these items, it is recommended that you put these discussions/decisions in writing. These drafts will eventually become your Policy & Procedure Manual.

Each developing honor society is encouraged to begin creating its own policy and procedure manual that will outline standard operating procedures, direct operations, streamline processes and serve as an aid that will help new officers become familiar with the workings of the honor society (and future chapter).



  • Policy and Procedure Manual 
    a resource for leaders to maintain consistent practices
    • maintains history of standard operating procedures from one biennium to the next
    • includes timeline for managing activities and responsibilities of leadership

  • Policy
    a clear statement interpreting a bylaw and how that bylaw will be upheld

  • Procedure 
    detailed description of the process(es) used to support the policy

Suggested Content

  • Sigma mission/vision
  • Document that tells history of developing honor society and future chapter
  • Honor society/chapter organizational chart
  • Board and committee directory
  • Completed bylaws templates from each biennium
  • Honor society goals/chapter strategic plan
  • Annual calendars of honor society events
  • List of officer position and descriptions of related position
  • Election timeline and procedures
  • Procedures for electing/appointing required leaders, committee members, and chairs
  • Procedures for electing/appointing optional leaders, committee members, and chairs
  • Procedures for meetings
    • Attendance policy
    • Communication channels
    • Agenda and minutes distribution
  • Financial policies and procedures
    • Budget
    • Expense voucher
    • Approval of funds
    • Signatories
  • Membership Eligibility
    • Bylaws interpretation
    • Use of exception clauses
  • Induction Planning
  • Communications plans
  • Leadership succession plans

 Additional Resources