Charter Amendment Application and Review Process

Requesting & Submitting a Charter Amendment Application

Request Chapter Charter Amendment Application from STTI headquarters staff. 

  • Chapter Charter Amendment Application-- adding one school
  • Chapter Charter Amendment Application-- adding 2 or more school

Complete application and send appropriate number of copies and supporting materials. 

Charter Amendment Review Process and Timeline

Once a charter amendment application is submitted, the review process can take up to 4-6 months.  The review timeline is determined by the meeting schedules of the Charter Review Task Force, the STTI Governance Committee, and the STTI Board of Directors.  The review can take up to 4-6 months.  Applications are reviewed by:

Two Reviewers of the STTI Charter Review Task Force (CRTF)-- The CRTF is a sub-committee of the STTI Governance Committee. Each biennium, reviewers are appointed to the CRTF and oriented to the honor society and chapter development process.  Many of the reviewers have gone through the process of starting a chapter and applying for a chapter charter or a chapter charter amendment.  Two reviewers are assigned to evaluate each application.  Reviewers are given approximately 4 weeks to complete their initial review.  Occasionally, reviewers will need clarification about information submitted on the application before they can complete their review.  When this happens, staff will send the applicant a clarification request.  The applicant's response is then sent back to the reviewers so that they can complete their review and make their recommendation to approve or not approve the application.

Charter Review Task Force (as a group)-- The reviewer evaluation and recommendations are reported to the entire CRTF and discussed.  The CRTF votes to approve or not to approve the reviewers' recommendation.  A report is prepared for the STTI Governance Committee.

STTI Governance Committee-- The STTI Governance Committee reviews and discusses the CRTF report which includes the reviewers' evaluation and recommendation and the CRTF's rationale to approve or not to approve the application.  Occasionally, the Governance Committee will also ask for clarifications from the applicant.  The Governance Committee votes to approve or not to approve the CRTF's recommendation.  A report is prepared and sent to the STTI Board of Directors.

STTI Board of Directors-- At a regularly scheduled board meeting, the STTI Board of Directors will discuss the STTI Governance Committee report and vote to approve or not to approve the STTI Governance Committee's recommendation.  If the STTI Board of Directors approves the application, the applicant is notified and there is a final vote on the application by the STTI House of Delegates.  If the Board of Directors votes not to approve the application, the applicant is notified and a teleconference is scheduled to provide feedback to the applicant.

House of Delegates approval is not required for charter amendment applications.

There are no set due dates for charter amendment applications.  Charter amendment applications may be submitted at any time. 

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