Bylaws and Governance

The governing document of Sigma is the International bylaws. Delegates vote on changes to these bylaws at the Biennial Convention House of Delegates. The international board of directors approves and adapts the International bylaws for chapter use.

Chapter Bylaws
Each biennium, Sigma provides chapters with the Chapter Bylaws template, simplifying the process of updating chapter bylaws and standardizes the chapter and international structure. This template incorporates the changes made at the Biennial Convention House of Delegates. Chapters will modify the appropriate areas and adopt them for the biennium.

You will need to sign in to download the following content from the All Chapter Officers workgroup. This will connect you with all available resources for your role, and allow you to post questions:

  • 2013-2015 Chapter Bylaws Template 
  • 2013-2015 Chapter Bylaws with Guidelines
  • "What Changes Can be Made?"
  • What are the differences between the International and Chapter Bylaws?

What is a...?

  • Bylaw: The governing statement defining chapter structure and operations. Bylaws are designed to be non-specific in nature.

  • Guideline: A resource created by the International Governance Committee that helps leaders utilize the chapter bylaws.

  • Policy: The chapter's interpretation of a bylaw describing how the chapter puts the bylaw into action. A policy cannot be in conflict with the bylaw.

  • Procedure: A detailed description of the process supporting a specific policy. A procedure cannot be in conflict with the bylaw.

Additional resources