2015-2016 Sigma Theta Tau International Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following grant recipients!

STTI Small Grants

Ariana Chao, PhD, MSN,  (Xi Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Examining the Effects of Caloric Restriction and Weight Loss on Neurocognition
This study will help identify and refine targets for weight loss and weight maintenance interventions.
Michelle Cheshire, EdD, MSN (Epsilon Omega Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Predicting Nursing Student Success: Exploring New Variables
The purpose of this project is to compare the relative effectiveness of traditional admission criteria to predict positive student outcomes versus proposed admission criteria that include emotional intelligence (EI) scores and/or HESI A2 scores.
 Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, PhD, BSN (USA)
Title of Project: African Immigrants’ Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Cardiovascular Health
The purpose of this study is to examine perceptions and attitudes of African immigrants (Ghanaians, Nigerians, Liberians, and Sierra Leoneans) in the United States (US) toward cardiovascular (CV) health. 
Lidia Compeán, PhD, DNS, MNS (Tau Alpha Chapter, Mexico)
Title of Project: Learning to Live with Diabetes
The purpose of this study is to test the feasibility of the intervention, including its acceptability, and further refine intervention materials and study procedures (recruitment, enrollment, intervention, retention, and data collection) and test the initial efficacy of the intervention on participants with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) on glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), adiposity, weight, and diabetes self-management behaviors.
Jorgia B. Connor, PhD, BSN (Alpha Beta Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Cumulative Life Stress, Cellular Aging, and Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Filipino Women
The findings will elucidate psychobiological processes posited to be implicated in the disproportionate risk of Filipino women for T2D.
Jennifer Ann Fox, PhD, BN (Phi Delta-at-Large Chapter, Australia)
Title of Project: A Changing Treatment Paradigm: Supportive And Palliative Care Needs In Advanced Melanoma
The findings from this qualitative study exploring bereaved carers perspectives will extend knowledge around the impact of emerging issues in the treatment of patients with advanced melanoma and the supportive care needs of these patients and their carers.
Nadya Golfenshtein, MHA, RN (Xi Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Investigating Parenting Stress and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Infants with Congenital Heart Defects During their First Year of Life
The study proposes a secondary analysis of data from a larger prospective cohort study conducted in 2003-2007, at the Cardiac Center of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).
Kara Groom, MSN, BSN (USA)
Title of Project: Comparing Interprofessional Socialization in Mixed Discipline and Nursing Student Only Cohorts
The purpose of this research project is to compare interprofessional socialization (IS) in mixed discipline and nursing student only cohorts.
Birgit Heckemann, MSc, BSc, RN  (Tau Omega Chapter, The Netherlands)
Title of Project: The Nurse Managers' Perspective: Perceptions of and Behaviours Towards Patient and Visitor Aggression in Hospitals.
This study will determine the differences between prevention and management of patient and visitor aggression (PVA) and highlight relevant leadership roles, behaviors, intentions and respective determinants towards the prevention of PVA.
Minjeong Jo, MN, BN (South Korea)
Title of Project: Perceived Quality of Communication with Physicians and Nurses and its Relationship to Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Among Family Members of Chronically Critically Ill Patients in Korea
The purpose of the study is to examine the relationships within the context of Korea between chronically critically ill (CCI) patient family members' perceived quality of communication with intensive care unit (ICU) care providers and their symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. 
Ayomide Okanlawon, BSN (Delta Alpha-at-Large Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Illness Representations in Elders Living in the United States with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Mixed Methods Study
The purpose of this study is to clarify and characterize illness representation in elders living in the United States with Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC).
Louise Strickland, MSN, BSN (Alpha Upsilon Chapter, United Kingdom)
Title of Project: Development of a Patient Reported Outcome Measure for Post-Operative Recovery Following Lower Limb Joint Replacement Surgery
The purpose of this study is to develop a patient reported outcome measure for post-operative recovery following lower limb joint replacement surgery using mixed quantitative and qualitative methods using a phased approach.
Brittney J. Sullivan, MSN, BSN (Beta Epsilon Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Age Appropriate Treatment of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and HIV in South Africa
The purpose of this study is to examine the treatment provided to people in South Africa with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), with and without HIV, and how timeliness and appropriateness of treatment varies by age and treatment center. 

Doris Bloch Research Award

Halley W. Ruppel, MS, BSN (Delta Mu Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Nurses' Customization of Physiologic Monitor Alarms in Intensive Care Units. The purpose of this study is to use a mixed methods approach to generate a complete understanding of nurses' alarm customization by integrating quantitative findings describing nurses' customization practices with qualitative findings on nurses' clinical judgment toward alarm customization.

Rosemary Berkel Crisp Research Award

Melissa J. Kurtz, MSN, MA (Alpha Theta and Delta Mu Chapters, USA)
Title of Project: Parents' Achievement of their 'Good Parent' Ideal when Making Decisions in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 
The purpose of this study is to (1) understand the relationships between parents’ perception of infant illness severity, coping (general, spiritual, religious), stress, depressive symptoms, and achievement of the ‘good parent’ ideal among parents of infants with a congenital anomaly receiving treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and (2) explore coping and psychological factors that are central to deciding as a ‘good parent’ for parents with a high and low level of achievement of their ‘good parent’ ideal.

Virginia Henderson Clinical Research Grant

Claire Jungyoun Han, MSN, BSN (Psi-at-Large Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Associations of Serotonin- and Catecholamine-Gene Polymorphisms with Fatigue and its Symptom Cluster in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
The purpose of this study is to expand our scientific knowledge base on the etiology of perceived fatigue and on a symptom cluster of fatigue, abdominal pain, and depression for women with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Joan K. Stout, RN, Research Grant

Carol Kostovich, PhD, MSN, BSN (Alpha Beta and Alpha Omicron Chapters, USA) 
Title of Project: Conceptualizing Student Experiences of Psychological Safety in Simulation Through Grounded Theory. The purpose of this study is twofold: (1) To conceptualize the basic social process of students feeling safe during a simulation experience; and (2) To empirically generate a theory of students feeling safe during a simulation experience. This study will serve as the initial step in the development and testing of an empirically-derived instrument to measure students' perceptions of psychological safety during a simulation learning experience.

Sigma Theta Tau International Global Nursing Research Grant

Linda Aiken, PhD, MN, BSN (Xi Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Healthcare Workforce and Quality Outcomes in Chile. The proposed study will examine variation in nursing resources across hospitals in Chile and their relationship to patient outcomes to develop specific recommendations to the Ministry of Health for improving patient outcomes in Chile. We will also benchmark Chilean data on studies of other countries to offer further insights into strategies that could improve quality of hospital care and patient outcomes in Chile. 

Co-Sponsored Partner Grant Recipients

STTI/Alpha Eta Collaborative Research Grant

Oluwayemisi E. Olagunju, MScN (Tau Lambda-at-Large, NIGERIA)
Title of Project: Effect of Genetic Counselling on Genetic Testing Uptake among Secondary School Students in Ilesa-East Local Government Area
This study aims at providing prevention package to educate both the teachers and SSS students about Sickle Cell Disorder.

STTI/American Association of Critical Care Nurses Grant

Sherrie McMullen, PhD, CNS, NNP-BC (USA)
Title of Project: Transitioning the Hospitalized Preterm Infant; A Randomized Control Trial."
The purpose of this study is to promote a period of acclimation before hospital discharge as the supine position reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome; the impact of positioning at this gestational age on development is unknown at this time.

STTI/American Association of Diabetes Educators Grant

Sarah Schwarz, BSN (USA)
Title of Project: Sleep, Glucose Variability, CVD adn CV Stress in Young Adults with TIDM.
The proposed study hopes to define the relationships among glucose variability, sleep disruption, inflammatory cytokines, and CV stress markers, and to identify potential causal relationships among these processes, laying a critical foundation for future studies.

STTI/American Nurses Foundation Grant

Janna Stephens, PhD, BSN  (Epsilon Chapter, USA) 
Title of Project: Correlations between Body Mass Index and Lifestyle Factors in African American Community College Students. The goal of the proposed project is to better understand the relationship between body mass index (BMI) in African American/Black community college students and various lifestyle factors (hours worked per week, ideal body image, nutrition knowledge, physical activity).

STTI/American Nurses Credentialing Center Evidence-Based Practice Implementation Grant Program

Vallire D. Hooper, PhD, RN, CPAN, FAAN (Eta Psi Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Using Telehealth Technology to Implement Evidence-Based Wound Care in Underserved Practice Settings. The purpose of this evidence-based practice (EBP) project is to test the fidelity and feasibility of using telehealth technology for comprehensive WOC service delivery to underserved rural practice settings.

STTI/Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Grant

Laura E. Starbird, MS, RN, APHN-BC (Epsilon Tau-at-Large and Nu Beta Chapters, USA) 
Title of Project: Nurse Case Management to Improve Hepatitis C Care in HIV Co-infection: A Randomized Controlled Trial (Care2Cure). The purpose of this study is to evaluate if a hepatitis C nurse case management intervention in an HIV primary care setting will improve the hepatitis C care continuum among adults co-infected with HIV.

STTI/Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Grant

Usavadee Asdornwised, PhD, MSN, (Thailand)
Title of Project: The Study of Venous Thromboembolism Prevention Guideline uses in Perioperative Nurses in Asian Countries. The purpose of this study is to examine how perioperative nurses in Asian countries (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam) comply with the use of VTE prophylaxis guidelines.

STTI/ATI Educational Assessment Nursing Research Grant

DeAnna Jan Emory, PhD, MSN, BSN (Phi Theta and Zeta Delta-at-Large Chapters, USA)
Title of Project: Predicting NCLEX Failures Using Standardized Assessments. The purpose of this proposal is to provide greater generalizability across multiple programs of nursing and to confirm findings in the pilot.

STTI/Canadian Nurses Foundation Grant

Jacqueline Galica, MSc, BSN (Lambda Pi-at-Large Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Mitigating a Common Issue in Cancer Survivorship: A Pilot, Group Online Intervention to Reduce Fear of Cancer Recurrence
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary effectiveness of the Internet Mindfulness Fear of Recurrence Extrication (I-M-FRE) intervention for cancer patients at increased risk for FCR.

STTI/Chamberlain College of Nursing Education Research Grants

Heather Carter-Templeton, PhD, MSN, BSN (Epsilon Omega Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Diffusing Nursing Research in a Nurse Residency Program via a Twitter Online Journal Club. The purpose of this study is to explore the use of social media, specifically Twitter, in an asynchronous online journal club for nurses enrolled in a nurse residency program.

Daiwai Olson, PhD, BSN (Beta Beta Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Manuscript Bootcamp: An Innovative Training Technique  
The purpose of this study is examine the impact of a manuscript bootcamp on improving the skills and success rate for research dissemination. 

STTI/Council for Advancement of Nursing Science Grant

Latefa Dardas, MSN, BSN (Beta Epsilon Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: The Stigma of Depression and Attitudes Towards Seeking Psychiatric Help Among Arab Adolescents: An Exploratory Study  
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between depression, depression sigma, and seeking psychiatric help for depression among Jordanian adolescents aged 13-17. 

STTI/Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Grant

Elyssa Wood, RN (USA)
Title of Project: Efficacy of Video Discharge Instructions among Spanish-Speaking Population in the Pediatric Emergency Department. This proposal will compare the efficacy of Spanish-language video discharge instructions (VDI) in addition to Spanish-language written/oral discharge instructions (WODI) when viewed by Spanish-speaking caregivers of children discharged from the Pediatrics Emergency Department (Peds ED) to that of WODI alone.

STTI/Hill-Rom Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Nursing Research Grant

Ruth Ann Bryant, MSN, BSN (Delta Chi-at-Large Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Benefits of and Barriers to Patient Engagement with Reduction of Harm. The purpose of this proposal is to conduct a series of sequential focus groups with patient, family members, and interdisciplinary teams and one on one interview with hospitalists to address ways to overcome these two barriers.

STTI/Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation End of Life Nursing Care Research Grant

Jessica Rearden, PhD, MSN, BSN (Xi Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Burdensome Transitions at End-of-Life for Older Adults with Cancer. The purpose of this study is to determine predictors of burdensome transitions for older patients with poor prognosis cancers (brain, leukemia, pancreatic, lung, liver, esophageal & ovarian); and determine whether older patients with poor prognosis cancers enrolled in hospice, and enrolled in hospice for a longer period, are less likely to experience burdensome transitions compared to those not enrolled in hospice.

STTI/Midwest Nursing Research Society Research Grant

Susan Bonis, PhD, MSN, BSN, (Eta Nu Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Parental Stress Self-Management: Risks and Protector Factors for Access to a Diagnosis and Services for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The purpose of this study is threefold: to describe parent experiences seeking and ASD diagnosis for their child; to describe parent responses to receiving the ASD diagnosis; and to describe parent-decision making to access and utilize ASD related services.

STTI/National Gerontological Nursing Association Research Grant

Alyce Ashcraft, PhD, RN, CNE (Iota Mu Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Improving Nurse Physician Communication in the Nursing Home. This pilot study will determine the feasibility and effectiveness of a Sensemaking SBAR training intervention on communication quality between NH nurses and physicians about changes in NH resident status. 

STTI/National League for Nursing Research Grant

Siobhan O’ Connor, M.SC, B.SC, RN, Phi Mu Chapter, United Kingdom
Title of Project: Leading Reform in Nursing Education - Technology in Nursing Education. This systematic review will comprehensively search, identify, quality assess and summarize all of the peer-reviewed evidence on how social networking has been used in nursing education.​

STTI/Omicron Delta Research Grant

Vishnu Renjith, MSN (Eta Pi Chapter, INDIA)
Title of Project: Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) on the Effectiveness of a Multicomponent Intervention on Migraine. The trial is primarily designed to investigate the effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention in; improving the quality of life; reducing disability; decreasing intensity, frequency and duration of attacks among migraineurs.

STTI/Oncology Nursing Society Grant

Grace E. Dean, PhD, RN (USA)
Title of Project: Bright Light Therapy to Improve Sleep Continuity Disturbances in Lung Cancer Survivors. The purpose of the study is to assess the effect of morning bright light versus dim light therapy (control) on fatigue and sleep continuity disturbance in lung cancer survivors.

STTI/Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation Grant

Maureen Le Danseur, MSN, APRN ACNS-BC CRRN (USA)
Title of Project: Is the CABIC Clean Intermittent Catheterization Patient Education Effective (ICPEE)? This study will examine the CABIC method of teaching clean intermittent catheterization (CIC).

STTI/Southern Nursing Research Society Grant

Francine Hebert Sheppard, PhD, MSN, ADN, BS (Gamma Zeta and Phil Upsilon Chapters, USA)
Title of Project: Health Outcomes and Experiences of Retired Women. The purpose of this study is to explore selected health outcomes in retired women and determine whether a relationship exists between women’s health outcomes and aspects of retirement, including status, type, and timing.

STTI/Western Institute of Nursing Research Grant

Christina Purpora, PhD, MSN, BSN (Alpha Eta Chapter, USA)
Title of Project: Diverse Medical-Surgical Hospital Staff Registered Nurses Views on Hurtful Peer Conduct. The purpose of this study is to describe and understand how diverse medical-surgical hospital staff registered nurses (RNs) experience and respond to hurtful peer conduct.





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