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July 2016
Dear STTI Members,

The STTI Board of Directors met via teleconference on 14 April 2016 and convened in Indianapolis, Ind., USA, on 16-18 June 2016. It is with a sense of accomplishment that we provide a summary of information, decisions, and actions.

CEO Search
The STTI Executive Committee of the Board has initiated a comprehensive CEO search process in anticipation of Dr. Patricia Thompson’s retirement in December 2017. A timeline has been established with the goal of appointing the new CEO by September 2017.

FY2017 Budget
The FY2017 proposed budgets were presented by the Chief Financial Officer and then discussed and approved by the Board. In addition, the Board of Directors reaffirmed its unequivocal support of the Nursing Knowledge International Board and Nursing Knowledge International itself.  

Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing & Midwifery (GAPFON)
The final GAPFON regional meetings were held in the Middle East (March 2016), Europe (June 2016), and Africa (July 2016). At an upcoming meeting, the Board will receive a final report from the President and CEO outlining the findings from the global and regional meetings. Strategic actions with outcomes and metrics will be developed based on data gathered. Successful achievement of metrics and involvement of key stakeholders will be used to measure of the panel’s success. STTI members are kept informed of the panel’s progress via the GAPFON website at  

World Health Assembly
The CEO and director C. Vlasich attended the World Health Assembly (WHA) on 23-28 May 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. Major decisions were made at the meeting in areas such as health emergencies; international health regulations; global strategy for human resources for health — Workforce 2030; universal healthcare; and antimicrobial resistance. The value in attending this meeting included expanding the recognition and reputation of STTI, meeting key healthcare decision makers from around the world, and engaging in side meetings related to the actual WHA briefings and meetings. The board validated its commitment to STTI having a presence when the WHA is convened as well as attendance at related events.

Models for Establishing STTI’s Presence in other Global Regions
The Board discussed efforts underway now and into the future for establishing a STTI presence in all global regions. Staff are currently focused on identifying areas and potential partners within Asia and Europe. Staff will continue to gather information to identify locations outside of North America, alternative models for establishing and maintaining a presence, and the scopes of work involved.

STTI Branding
The Board discussed the branding work underway by SMARI-BORSHOFF, including key takeaways and key recommendations. Specifically, the Board discussed the need to determine what international means so that it can be supported operationally, exactly who STTI customers of the future are, and what success will look like.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Cathy Catrambone
President, Honor Society of Nursing
Sigma Theta Tau International

Dr. Laurie Carbo-Porter
Secretary, Honor Society of Nursing
Sigma Theta Tau International

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