Cathy Catrambone, PhD, RN, FAAN

Cathy Catrambone, PhD, RN, FAAN, was installed as president of the society at the 43rd Biennial Convention, November 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.​ Download a PDF that outlines her call to action.

Call to Action: Influence to Advance Global Health and Nursing

Catrambone-for-webCathy Catrambone, PhD, RN, FAAN, is an associate professor at Rush University College of Nursing. She is a member of the Gamma Phi, Phi Gamma, Rho Delta and Rho Upsilon Chapters. Currently, she teaches in the DNP and PhD programs with an emphasis on outcomes research, evidence-based practice, leadership development, and health policy. Her clinical background is in adult critical care. She is a pulmonary nurse expert and well known for her leadership and advocacy in promoting lung health, smoking cessation, and clean air. She has worked tirelessly over the last 20 years in advocacy efforts to enact smoke-free legislation in the state of Illinois. Dr. Catrambone has offered expert testimony before the Chicago City Council and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the dangers of indoor smoking and the hazards of air pollution. She has served on the Respiratory Health Association (RHA) Board of Directors and Executive Committee for over 15 years and is president of their Nursing Assembly. She was awarded the Herbert De Young Medal for her leadership in advancing the lung health mission in Chicago. She is active internationally in the Global Smoke-free Partnership. Funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health, her research focuses on asthma surveillance and system-level interventions to promote guideline-recommended asthma care in the emergency department. She has presented her research at several national and international meetings and has published her work in peer-reviewed journals. She is a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and the Institute of Medicine of Chicago.

Dr. Catrambone has a long history of service in STTI at the international level. For two biennia (2007-2011), she served as Region 5 Coordinator and worked with a diverse group of leaders from 37 chapters in Illinois, Missouri, Pakistan, and Brazil. She was successful at creating a strong regional identity, one that promoted collaborative relationships between the chapter leaders to share their successes and challenges in engaging new members, addressing leadership succession planning challenges, conducting regional programming, and sharing opportunities for international service and health promotion.

During 2009-2011, she served on the STTI Board of Directors as chair of the Regional Chapter Coordinating Committee (RCCC). She led a team of 15 Regional Coordinators that provided service to more than 470 chapters worldwide. In alignment with the Vision 2020 goals, important aspects of her role were to: represent the voice of the chapter leaders to the STTI Board and share that perspective as strategic decisions were made regarding the growth of the organization; expand the role of the Regional Coordinator team consistent with the complexities of the organization; and launch an innovative chapter health process that assisted leaders in meeting bylaw requirements and maintaining chapter health and vitality. She advocates that the health of chapters is essential to sustaining and growing the organization, as chapters are the foundation of STTI. Understanding the challenges that chapters face collectively and individually is critical to our global expansion.

During her tenure as STTI vice president, 2011-2013, she focused on implementation of the new regional structure and strategic expansion outside North America; promoting technology and linkages between members and communities to promote world health; and representing STTI within the nursing profession and healthcare. Additionally, she served on a variety of STTI international task forces/committees that included the Governance Committee, Corporate Audit and Accountability Committee, Leadership Succession Committee, Advisory Council on Policy, Research and Scholarship Advisory Council, Global Regions Task Force, International Network for Doctoral Education (INDEN), Communities of Interest Task Force, Chapter Health Task Force (chair), Chapter Key Award (chair), and the Showcase for Regional Excellence.

While serving as STTI president-elect from 2013-2015, Dr. Catrambone focused on implementation of a strategic plan utilizing guiding principles and key metrics; advancing the global growth agenda building upon the South Africa pilot; exploring new models for entry that maintain relevancy and increase diversity; optimizing technology and social media platforms for linking members and knowledge resources; and cultivating and spreading chapter innovations. With the transition to STTI president for 2015-2017, Dr. Catrambone shared the call to action: Influence to Advance Global Health and Nursing and the four theme areas: Influence through Advocacy; Influence through Policy; Influence through Philanthropy; and Influence through Lifelong Learning. She seeks the commitment of members, chapters, and regions to advance the call and contribute to the growth of the organization. Under her leadership, the Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery (GAPFON) will continue to boldly move forward. In the action phase, STTI will engage key nurse leaders and intersectoral stakeholders to implement global and regional action strategies for identified priorities in global health and nursing that will include metrics to gauge impact and outcomes.

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