Phase 6: New Chapter

After the STTI chartering ceremony, the chapter designate is now considered an official STTI chapter. All chartering members and future inducted members will become members of STTI and the chapter. In addition to the benefits that the chapter will provide, active members are eligible for valuable STTI resources throughout their entire nursing career.

Overview of Phase 6 Tasks:

1) Adopt and operate according to STTI chapter bylaws.

2) Attend Charter Recognition at the next STTI biennial convention.

3) Prepare to send 2 delegates to each STTI biennial convention.

4) Conduct regular board meetings to plan chapter events, benefits and services.

5) Communicate chapter events, benefits and services to members.

6) Plan and hold annual inductions.

7) Maintain records of finances, events, benefits and services.

8) Plan and conduct 2 or more programs and 1 business meeting for members annually.

9) Plan future programming, events and benefits.

10) Plan future budgets to correspond with current and future event planning.

11) Report officer changes via the Officer and Committee Chair Report in the Chapter Management System.

12) Conduct chapter leader elections and host transition meetings with outgoing and incoming officers.

13) Attend recommended chapter leader trainings.

14) Complete first STTI chapter annual report after first year of chapterhood.

15) Create or continue Policies and Procedure Manual, Strategic Plan and Leadership Succession Plan.

16) Learn about required chapter liability insurance available via STTI.

17) Learn about chapter fee assessments and chapter disbursement checks.

18) Consult with staff.


Tools and Resources

As a new chapter, you will now have access to the All Chapter Officers Workgroup in The Circle! 

The All Chapter Officers Workgroup is comprised of officers from all STTI chapters. Its purpose is to provide chapter leaders with opportunities to network, collaborate and share resources.

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