Phase 5: Chapter Designate

A chapter designate is an honor society that has received final approval from the House of Delegates to become a chapter and is awaiting and planning the chartering ceremony. 

Overview of Phase 5 Tasks:

1) Plan official chartering ceremony with STTI staff (minimum of 12 weeks).

2) Complete and submit IRS paperwork. (US chapters only)

3) Pay chartering fee invoice (US $450). The chartering fee provides for induction materials.

4) Schedule and participate in multiple transitional trainings, including two trainings over the Online Induction System.

5) Receive information about the STTI leader assigned as chartering officer to preside over the chartering ceremony. (Note: All chartering officer travel costs are incurred by STTI).

6) Receive official Greek chapter name from STTI headquarters.

7) Hold the official chartering ceremony.

8) Attend recommended chapter leader trainings.

9) Consult with staff.

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