Liability & Insurance for Honor Societies

Board members are volunteers who often make difficult decisions. Insurance can protect them from claims including wrongful terminations, failure to properly promote, financial wrong-doing or fraud, harassment and discrimination. Not having such insurance can make it difficult to attract and retain good board members, who simply cannot afford to serve if they run such risk to their personal assets. Insurance cost depends on location. Some states, provinces, or countries have absolute volunteer immunity which makes premiums lower. 

During the development stage, honor societies should research their state, province, or country requirements and decide if insurance is warranted for their honor society given their timeline to become a chapter and their budget. Most developing honor societies wait until their application is approved to purchase insurance. Some are required to have insurance as a developing honor society. 

STTI provides Liability Insurance for all approved chapters. Chapters may purchase supplemental liability insurance (if needed), and may also purchase Directors & Officers Insurance and Fidelity Bonding for officers. Contact with questions.


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