How to Complete and Adopt Honor Society Bylaws

Completing the Honor Society Bylaws Template

During the first year, many developing honor societies will add their appropriate information in the header and Article I of the 2015-2017 Honor Society Bylaws Template without modifying any allowable areas. As the honor society develops, changes are made to the bylaws as necessary using the Honor Society Bylaws Guidelines showing which sections of the bylaws may be edited/changed. The yellow highlighted sections of the guidelines may be altered. If an honor society needs to alter any other section of the bylaws, that modification must be pre-approved by the STTI Governance Committee.

Amending or Updating the Honor Society Bylaws Template

If changes are necessary (in the allowable areas), the recommendations below will help the developing honor society's governance committee and board of directors review bylaws and make minimal, appropriate modifications. Refer to Honor Society Bylaws Article XIII, Amendments to Bylaws, for further information.

Exceptions have been made for honor societies/chapters outside the USA to ensure their bylaws conform to their country’s laws and nongovernmental organization requirements. Only the STTI Governance Committee can grant these exceptions. 

Adopting Honor Society Bylaws

  • Governance Committee Responsibilities:
    • Review the bylaws to ensure the structure supports the developing honor society's goals.
    • Make appropriate modifications.
    • The committee should work in concert with the board of directors in discussing potential, appropriate changes to the alllowable sections.
    • Present recommendations for any non-editorial amendments to the honor society board of directors and, if they concur, to the honor society members at the annual business meeting.
    • Incorporate edits into the Honor Society Bylaws Template. The Honor Society Governance Committee should be able to complete this activity in one short meeting.
    • Interpret the bylaws for members and guide the development of a policy and procedure manual to implement the bylaws.
  • Developing Honor Society Membership Responsibilities:
    • Vote on recommendations presented by the honor society governance committee and board of directors to amend the honor society bylaws when assessment and data indicate the need. 
  • Honor Society Board of Directors Responsibilities:
    • Discuss and vote on Governance Committee's proposed honor society bylaws.
    • Arrange general membership vote to adopt bylaws at the annual business meeting.
    • Tabulate and approve the general membership results.

The honor society bylaws template must be adopted by any honor society who has the intent of applying to become a chapter. A copy of the honor society’s bylaws must be submitted as part of the Chapter Charter Application. The task force that reviews chapter charter applications will review an honor society’s bylaws to make sure they conform to the most up-to-date model provided by Sigma Theta Tau International.

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