Honor Society Member Recruitment

To maintain health and vitality, honor societies and chapters are required to induct new members annually. New members can be a combination of students and nurse leaders. Though there are a few distinct differences in recruiting for these types of members, one common recruitment tactic for all membership types is to tell them early and tell them often. 


The Society Pride & Awareness Recruitment Kit (SPARK) walks your honor society through the steps to effectively recruit new members. We recommend the entire honor society leadership work together to implement the ideas and contents.

Within this guide, you will focus on the best practices in the first four areas of the Membership Life Cycle that impact honor society recruitment: Make an Introduction, Recruit New Members, Induction, and Orientation. The Membership Life Cycle is the journey that a member will take as part of your honor society.

SPARK Guide e-booklet

Quick Links from the SPARK Guide

Membership Exception Clause Guidelines

Induction Ceremony Checklist

Icebreaker Suggestions 

Glossary of Terms 

Getting To Know You

Features and Benefits 

Developing a Value Proposition Worksheet 

Creating an Elevator Speech 

Creating a Developing Honor Society Display 

Conducting an Engaging Conversation 

Conducting a New-Member Survey  

Honor Society Leader Quick-Start Guide to Website Management 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

18-Month Recruitment Calendar 

Survey of Candidates Who Did Not Accept Invitation  

STTI and Developing Honor Society Membership Criteria  

Sample Thank You Message for Event Attendees  

Sample Welcome Message to New Members 

Sample Membership Invitation  

Sample Text for University Websites  

Sample Letter to Ineligible Individuals  

Prospective-Member Meeting Checklist 

Membership Survey to Determine Developing Honor Society Value Proposition 

Sample Invitation Follow-Up Message 

Recruitment Event Checklist

Sample Invitation Follow-Up Telephone Script

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