Meeting Minutes

According to Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief, minutes are the written record of what is done. The secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes and distributing this record in a timely manner to board members and chapter leaders for review and approval.

What to include:

  • Date, time and location of the meeting
  • Time that meeting officially started
  • List of attendees and confirmation of quorum
  • Descriptions of updates and reports
  • Notes of main motions and who made them
  • Outcomes of votes
  • Next steps
  • Time that meeting officially ended
  • Date and location of next meeting

How to prepare:

  • Determine the tool used for taking notes.
  • Use the meeting agenda to create an outline from which meeting information can be inserted at the time in which it is discussed.
  • Obtain a list of confirmed attendees prior to the meeting and know who is who.

During the meeting:

  • Note the date, start and end times and location of the meeting.
  • Pass around an attendee list.
  • Make notes only on the main points of discussion, do not try to write down every word.
  • Record the names of attendees who provide reports and who make motions.

After the meeting:

  • Type up the meeting minutes as soon after the meeting as possible.
  • Include an introduction.
  • Proofread the minutes before distributing.
  • Distribute meeting minutes to chapter leadership for review and approval.
  • Maintain a record of all correspondence related to the meeting and minutes.

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