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Career Center activities at Sigma's Events

Thanks to the continued support and generous sponsorship by The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future, Sigma offers career advising and mentoring opportunities throughout the next year at our conferences and events. For more information please contact or call +1 317-917-4946 to speak to the Career Center Programs Specialist.  

The Career Center at Sigma provides seasoned, mid-career, novice, and student nurses an opportunity to discuss and receive career path guidance from experienced nursing professionals.

Our lead career advisor is Lois Marshall, PhD, RN. Dr. Marshall is a nurse education consultant and author of Sigma’s Take Charge of Your Nursing Career: Open the Door to Your Dreams. Other career advisers include several Sigma Board members and well respected members of the nursing profession.

Attendees at the 27th International Nursing Research Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, received career mentoring and advice on academic, research, and clinical topics. 


Johnson & Johnson's Campaign for Nursing's Future

About the Career Center:

The Sigma Career Center promotes Sigma’s mission by supporting the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses through career advising. The Career Center actively supports nurses in identifying and attaining their career and life-long learning goals by offering mentoring, educational, and professional resources, as well as career advising. 

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